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Should You Buy A Condo Or Your Own House?

by Criss Gill

It is everyone’s dream to spend a peaceful life at your own home. And to make the dreams come true, you save a huge amount by earning hard. But while going to buy a property then it is not an easy task to randomly select one. Many things might put you in the lurch to decide between a Condominium or a house. And here, you will get a clear idea which will help you to decide whether to buy a home or go with a Condo near Aree (คอนโด คลองสาน, which is the term in Thai).

Buying a Condominium or a house depends on the budget, family members, and individual choice. But here are a few things, considering which you can make a smart decision to buy a dream home.

Why should you go to a Condo?

The condo is a kind of fully furnished place available with all the essential and luxury facilities like a swimming pool, sports club, tennis court, and community. It is built up in a smaller area than an individual home. It is the best choice to buy a Condo Near Aree or at other popular places if you are a bachelor, couple, or a small family.

As the interiors are comparatively smaller that means, you will need to spend less budget on decoration and maintenance. However, there are some common maintenance charges you will have to bear for the facilities you are getting. Because the community hall, swimming pool, etc are such commonly used places that need to be maintained regularly by the property owner. So you will have to contribute for the same.

Why should you invest in a house?

Opposite to a condominium, buying a house is a smart choice if you are not running with a limited budget. Also, if you want to design both, the interior and exterior as per your imagination then going with an individual property or house can only give you such freedom. 

Keep in mind that in a house, you will have to bear all the costs for building or repairing any area.  However, if you are living in a joint family or you have many members in your family then a house can only give you a huge place to joy the freedom of living. 

Hope this basic requirement analysis will help you to decide between buying a Condo Near Aree or individual property.