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How to Prepare House for Home Inspection

by Mary Hahn

As it’s said, “the first impression is the last impression.” When someone sees you for the first time; they form an impression of you behind the back of your mind, that’s why it’s said to always be presentable when it comes to a professional meeting. In the same way, it’s essential to make your home look presentable when your potential buyers come along with the home inspector for house inspection. It’s not hard to find someone who provides home inspection in Fort Worth, you can find plenty of them but they all believe in the concept of “the first impression”. That’s why it’s really important for you as a seller to prepare your house before your home inspection takes place. If you are a first-time seller and don’t know about how to prepare your house, this list is for you!

Here’s the list which can help you with the preparation of your house before inspection:

Clear the Perimeter

It’s important to do the dusting but along with that clear the area. If there are any extra boxes lying here and there, pick them up and put them somewhere else outside the house for the time being. Clear the kitchen counter and other areas of the house. The basic idea to clear the house is that you have to provide the space to inspect your home.

Be punctual

If your inspection is scheduled for 9:00 AM, get to the site by 8:30 Am and make the arrangements. Home inspection service providers in Fort Worth are known to be punctual so you need not worry about them being late. Just reach the site before the time and unlock the doors and check if everything is prepared as planned.

Cleanliness on Point

It’s crucial to clear your perimeter and so is the cleanliness and tidiness of the house. Just like the outer side of your house which usually is well painted, your interior should also be spotless and beautiful. The cleanliness has nothing to do with the house inspection directly, but a dirty house can make the inspector suspicious of other things in the house too.

Garage and Attic

When a buyer purchases your house, they pay for the garage and attic too. So, when the inspector comes for the inspection you cannot say that you haven’t prepared the attic or garage as you shove all the extra things there. A home inspector will thoroughly check your entire house so make sure that the attic, garage are accessible as well.

Doors and windows

Another thing which needs your attention is your doors and windows. Check if the door locks are working properly, if not call a locksmith immediately. Check the window glass and see if they are opening and closing well or not. If the hinges of the cabinets get loose, it can result in not closing properly, they can be quickly fixed by just tightening the hinges.

Walk around your property, and do a self-inspection before your arranged home inspection and detect the issue. It’s a good idea to fix the things which are clearly visible, not only that will gain you a few points on your house inspector’s report but also will give off a good impression.