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How to Convert a Toilet Into a Low Flow Toilet

by Mary Hahn

Is your water bill is giving you constant nightmares, and you can’t seem to do anything about it? Or are you desperately trying to lessen your water consumption in the house but don’t know how to? Well, all you have to do is to convert your toilet into a low flow toilet! And don’t worry, this article here will provide you with a full step by step guide on how to convert your toilet into a low flow toilet.

Why Convert your Toilet 

Low flow toilets will help you save your money by saving water. A normal toilet normally takes about 6liters of water per flush, which is done more than nine times a day, while on the other hand, a low flow toilet takes less than 4.5 liters per flush, which can save you about 70 gallons a month, 850 gallons, yearly. So without further delay, let’s learn how to convert your toilet!

Supplies you will need 

  • Adjustable Flapper Toilet Tank Bag
  • Cycle Diverter (fill valve diverter)
  • Leak Detection Tablet

Cut the Water Supply 

Firstly, you have to cut the water supply off completely. You can do that by turning the main water supply knob in a clockwise position until the water supply has gone to zero. Once you are done, make sure your toilet is properly flushed and cleaned. Lastly, remove the lid of your toilet so you can work more comfortably.

Install Adjustable Flapper 

Flappers come in different models, so make sure you select the one that adjusts with your toilet easily. Once purchases, you will have a number setting on the flapper, which will give you control that from1-9 on how much water volume you want to set.

After you are done with all of the above, remove the old flapper that you may find in your water tanks and replace it with the new one, make sure you hook the new flapper’s ears perfectly.

Install water container 

You can use any water container or plastic bag. All you have to do is to fill it with water and put it in the tank of your toilet. It will help you save water with its fixed amount of water, although you have to be careful about its size, don’t put buy a huge bag since then the water in the tank won’t be enough to flush away the waste.

Cycle Diverter 

Cycle diverter will only work as a bonus tool and will help you save water by regulating the filling cycle. Cycle diverters attach the fill line’s to the over-flow tubes and are mostly known to save water when the tank is filling itself up with water.

Leak Detection Tablet 

After you have done all of the above, you will have to check to make sure your toilet is not facing any leaks. You can take a free leak detection tablet and find out if you have any leakage issues on hand or not.