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How to choose a long distance mover

by Mary Hahn

There is a huge number of moving companies on the international transportation market, which is explained by both the complexity of the process and the demand for the service. We bring to your attention a few practical tips that will be useful while choosing a transport company for international transportation.

First of all, you need to understand that the organization of a long distance moving is a complex process where, in addition to the transport company itself, many other parties are involved (customs authorities in the country of export and import, companies carrying out loading and unloading operations etc.), and different circumstances are also of great importance, therefore, loss and damage of cargo, as well as failure to comply with the stated delivery times, happen with every company. It’s another matter how often it happens and how the company reacts to these situations.


The international transport market is complex and diverse. As a rule, transport companies have their own niche and are engaged in a separate direction. In general, carriers can be divided according to the following principles:

Therefore, when choosing a company, take into account the specifics of your needs first of all. If you only have small cargoes in different directions, look for a company that deals with air or express delivery. Other companies may also offer you their services, but will they be interested in you as much as customers with large shipments? Or if you are supplying goods only, for example, from Turkey, look for a company that specializes in this direction. It is possible that such a company will be able to offer you more favorable terms.


Of course, it is impossible to insure yourself 100% against fraudsters and unscrupulous carrier companies, but in the era of the Internet, you can at least minimize this risk.

First of all, check that the company is officially registered. This can be done free of charge on the website of the tax inspection. By entering the the name of the company, you can get an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, which contains information about the director of the company, the date of registration, types of activities, etc.

Next, check the company’s official website and look for reviews on the Internet. Perhaps the best recommendation would be a recommendation from people you know personally. Therefore, ask your friends or business partners involved in international transportation.



Request shipping rates from several companies at once. Requesting a quote, it is important to indicate what services you need – only international transportation or door-to-door transportation with customs clearance, cargo insurance. Also indicate how urgently you need to deliver the goods, because the prices for transportation, for example, by sea and air delivery differ several times. Too low prices may mean that the company has not been working in the transportation market for so long, or even that they are possible scammers.

Also ask about the terms of payment – prepayment, payment after delivery. Payment after the provision of services will be an additional guarantee for you.


Also, before concluding a contract, you need to find out from the company whether they can provide the full range of services you need, such as customs clearance, packaging, insurance. Perhaps the company can offer lower rates for transportation, but you will need to look for a separate company to provide additional services.

A very convenient tool is also the ability to track your cargo online. Ask the company if they can provide this service, if not, how this information will be provided (provision of regular reports, personal manager).