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How Does a Utility Sink Ease Your Laundry Work

by Criss Gill

pickup and delivery laundry lakewood ranch fl is a common daily chore in most households. Besides dryers and washers, a top-quality sink case can prove advantageous in performing this task.  Utility sinks allow one to do forceful rubbing without any harm to its surface.

As they are deep, even if you spray the water, the minimum amount of amount will come out of it. This article provides you a list of benefits that you are sure to get from installing a utility sink in your laundry room.

How Does a Utility Sink Differ from A Bathroom Sink?

Here are the factors that differentiate a utility skin from a bathroom sink.

  • Size:

Where an ordinary bathroom sink is between 6 inches to 8 inches in depth, utility sinks have a depth in the range of 10 inches to 25 inches. This implies that utility sinks are deeper than a regular bathroom sink.

  • Shape:

Another thing to note is that utility sinks come in a rectangular or square shape. This helps each inch of the basin will be properly utilized. These sinks also come in different types of materials and styles to choose from.

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How to Choose the Right Utility Sink?

Based on the application, attachment of the plumbing system to the sink, and the washing liquid, you can choose the right shape, size, and material of the utility sink for your laundry room.

Why Should You Use the Utility Sinks?

Utility sinks are mainly used for laundry, there are a few more areas where you can use a laundry sink. These are as follows:

  • Pre-soaking and Handwashing your clothes

Utility sinks are the place where you can wash your clothes. This is beneficial for those who do prefer washing clothes with their hands and not in the washing machine. These sinks are ideal to wash small clothes.

  • Bathe pets

Another application of a utility sink is that you can use it to bathe your pets in it.

  • Clean large-sized utensils

As the utility sinks are deeper and bigger than an ordinary sink, you can easily clean large greasy utensils in them that can’t be cleaned in the kitchen sinks.

  • Rinsing

Utility sinks are also beneficial for quick rinsing of a variety of items. You can clean paintbrushes, gardening equipment, mud-stained clothes, etc. in it.

  • Trapping Hair and Lint

By draining your washing machine into the utility sink in the laundry room, filters out fabric, lint and hair. These sinks are equipped with broad sink strainers that are made to catch lint and hair, which could deposit in the sewer line, leading to flow-related issues.


The above benefits state that a laundry room sink is inarguably a valuable addition to the home. For the best use, get the assistance of a professional company to install the utility sink in your laundry room. Find the professional installation service and get the sink installed in a systematic way or get mobile payment laundry cleaning lincoln ne.