Home Real Estate How Do You Design Your Home in Pollen Collection Nim Road?

How Do You Design Your Home in Pollen Collection Nim Road?

by Clare Louise

If you’re lucky enough to own a landed property, like Pollen Collection in Nim Road, Singapore, you’re likely to own a larger home than many condominiums or HBDs in Singapore. Perhaps, you even own a few stories in the house, along with a yard or garden. When talking about designing your home interior, you’ll thus have a much bigger canvas to enjoy. While this might seem to grant more freedom, this could also pose more challenges, for instance, in how to wisely utilize the space.

Furthermore, when furnishing your home in Pollen Collection Nim Road, here are a few guiding principles to help you with your design choices:

Consider the Amount of Space Available

In landed properties, you might have the luxury of having more space. While you might be tempted to have plenty of rooms for various purposes in your home, do take note that space is an essential component of a home, too. Don’t be scared of having larger rooms to provide a sense of the spacious area. With the authority to create your layout, you could also explore unique floor plans.

Consider Your Needs

Some people choose to design their house with intricate and opulent furnishings because they wish to present a luxurious house. However, it would be best to consider the practicality of each decision you make for the design. For instance, some people plan to have a cinema room but then barely watch movies inside. That would be a huge waste of space and funds.

You’ll discover the design ideas & considerations as you plan out various house areas.


It is a standard feature in landed property; however, it’s important to design it well too. As the guests enter this open space first, it must be seen as the area that makes the first impression.

The entryway must be functional as umbrellas and shoes are placed here when entering. So, clever storage ideas are very much encouraged.

Living Room

The living room is where you greet and entertain your visitors. Furthermore, it’s the area where you and your family can relax. The living area’s modern design must give comfortable seating like armchairs and a sofa. The room’s layout must also be created to stimulate conversation.

Dining Area

The dining room is usually an unnoticed portion of the interiors. However, a great design could turn this into a space where your family could actually enjoy meals and have a conversation with the family. If you lack space but want a huge dining room, you could look into expandable tables as needed.

Pick oval and rectangular tables in large areas. And square and circular ones in smaller spaces. A rectangle-shaped wooden table with slender chairs would suit most rooms and styles. Put in a centerpiece, table runners, or flowers to establish a beautiful contemporary appearance.


The kitchen is an often-used side of any home, even if a person doesn’t usually cook. So ensure to pick the materials that match it carefully. Aside from looking good, a kitchen needs to be very functional too. If you stand for a long time, opt for flooring that’s softer on your feet. And if you have pets or young kids, choose surfaces you can clean easily.



Bedrooms are areas to relax after a long day. So choose designs that stimulate peace. Moreover, opt for great bedding as your sleep quality every night determines your energy the following day. Bedside tables could be detached or developed as a seamless piece bound to the bed.

When selecting bedroom lighting, ensure to put in bedside lamps in yellow or warm white. While these enable late-night reading, they’re less obstructive to your bedtime.


Bathroom designs are usually pretty universal. So, you have various options available. Select materials that don’t let dirt build up and anti-skid flooring, particularly for older family members.