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Fresh Fruit Trees For Sale: Strawberry Plants

by Danny White

The Freshest Fruit Trees Available 

Spring and summer bring about wonderful varieties of fruits, specifically berries. Strawberries are a beloved classic that have become a staple for UK summer desserts and drinks. Strawberries are ready to pick May through September. However, the berries are their sweetest in June and July. It is important to plant high-quality trees in order to receive the best fruit possible. This will ensure optimal ripeness when it comes time to pick your strawberries. 

Strawberry Plants: Choosing The Best Trees

Strawberry plants grow well with the right conditions such as sun, water and high-quality soil. These sweet fruits grow and reproduce naturally. There are many ways to ensure you receive the best quality plant for your garden. 

There are many different varieties to select from. Some varieties are rare and not commonly found in large grocery stores/ supermarkets. These unique varieties of strawberry plants will add spice and biodiversity to your garden. Not only will these exquisite varieties taste more flavorful and exotic, but they will also be healthier for you and your family. Some of the varieties include the Alice, Allstar, Bolero, Calypso, Cirano, Jerseybelle, Pandora, Red Gauntlet, Rhapsody and Rose strawberry plants. There are over 50 different varieties of strawberries available for purchase in the United Kingdom. This will ensure your garden remains diverse and sweet all summer long. 

When it comes to shipment, make sure the supplier takes extra precautions to keep your plant as fresh as possible and full of vitality, even during transit. For example, they should pack each order with extra care and insulation. The fruit bushes are two years old at the time of shipment, which ensures they are mature enough to be transported. Find young trees as all professional growers opt for young trees during the growth phase. This will ensure the healthiest plant possible and fruition later on. 

It’s important for the carriers to be flexible and can easily accommodate customers. Simply request your shipment be left in a safe location if you are not home during the time of delivery. Chris Bowers and Sons believe in delivering each package in a timely manner, with the best practices in the industry. Shipping fresh plants through the mail can be a challenging task, yet they remain a professional and reliable source for all your fruit tree needs in the UK.