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Four of the Most Popular Types of Catering in Singapore Today

by Mary Hahn

Singaporeans adore eating, and there are many companies that are ready to cater to every related desire. Making good use of catering services from Select Catering or another leading company is a great way to ensure that delicious, appealing food will be available for any type of event or occasion. Catering is a versatile service that everyone enjoys, and there are plenty of associated options.

Many Times When Catering Hits the Spot

Most people have catered meals fairly regularly, even if they are not always aware of it. Caterers specialize in finding ways to prepare and serve tasty food whenever and wherever it might be needed.

Singapore’s top caterers tend to be quite flexible, and that allows them to respond appropriately to any sort of request. Some of the types of catering that they most often provide today are:

  • Buffets. Many events are meant to be fairly informal, and buffet service suits most such occasions perfectly. A buffet line invites guests to serve themselves whenever the urge strikes and to try dishes that might otherwise have escaped notice. There are plenty of types of food that work very well with buffet service, as with stews and casseroles that only get better with time. Buffets are consistently popular with those who partake of them and also an especially affordable option.
  • High tea. Sometimes a hearty snack enjoyed toward evening ends up being the most memorable part of a day. Many companies host high tea gatherings that caterers in Singapore turn into especially enjoyable and exciting events. High tea catering packages can include a variety of courses, along with the eponymous beverage. From cold dishes like sandwiches to deep-fried treats, there are many ways to make high tea special.
  • Tingkat. Seen all over Asia today, the shiny meal carriers known as “mangkuk tingkat” in the Malay language have a way of getting stomachs rumbling. Each of the various compartments in a tingkat stack will normally include a special dish or collection of snacks. Caterers in Singapore are ready to send carefully prepared tingkat meals wherever their clients might want them. Ordering tingkat catering is a great way to impress loved ones or to make an ordinary event extraordinary.
  • Corporate meals. Companies that take great care of their workers tend to be rewarded with increased loyalty and productivity. Not every business can justify having a kitchen on site, but many can make cost-effective use of catering. Having a caterer provide meals like lunches to employees will often end up becoming a highly appreciated perk. Experienced caterers in Singapore are well-equipped to live up to such responsibilities and others.

Many More Options to Explore

Catering companies around Singapore regularly provide services of these kinds and many others. Catering is an especially versatile option that can make everything from hosting an event to everyday life a lot easier.

Making good use of catering is a proven way to simplify things and impress others. High-quality catered meals and appetizers inevitably end up being enjoyed by the many in Singapore who care deeply about food. As such, catering is an especially good fit with the culture of this vibrant nation.