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Few Good Reasons to Choose a Visofold 1000 as Folding Doors

by Mary Hahn

Nowadays, people prefer to use slide-folding doors in their houses because it can offer an impressive opening, which can unite both internal as well as external areas. Thus create unique living and functional spaces. 

Visofold 1000 series offered by Smart Bi-fold Doors, UK is suitable for residential and commercial applications. These kinds of aluminum doors feature certain polyamide thermal barrier that separates external and the internal parts. It helps to keep your home quite comfortable during all kinds of weather.

The following are a few good reasons why these doors have become quite a popular choice in homes. Once you install these doors in your house then you don’t need to think about their replacement anytime soon.

  • Locking options provided

These doors are equipped with a high-security locking system. Multi-point mechanisms are fitted on the opening sashes, together with shoot-bolt locking as well as internally glazed units sealed for added assurance. It helps to protect your home against burglaries and thefts. 

  • Strength and performance

These folding doors will deliver the perfect mix of strength and performance. They are fully compliant with Building Regulation requirements associated with the doors.

They have the option of recessed thresholds meant for unhindered and easy access. The rebated threshold can offer much-improved weather resistance.

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  • Tried and tested

These slide-folding doors will have features to provide you the choice of either internally or externally folding options. They are also security-tested to meet the standards of PAS24 requirements.

These slide-folding doors will feature a choice for internally or externally folding panels. The panels when opened wide will help to integrate the internal living space with the external landscape. You get to enjoy an uninterrupted garden view.  

  • Best performing cylinder 

All these doors will come with the best performing cylinder available on the market. They will feature the ULTION cylinder, which is the ultimate choice. It will include the following:

  • Two attach locks
  • Double anti-snap protection
  • 8-drill defenses
  • 11-pins that are 2X stronger than the normal locks
  • Molybdenum core, which houses the attack pins that are 25% denser than iron

  • Smarts colored profile

These aluminum bi-fold doors usually are with powder-coated paint finish. Also, there are a few popular colors like anthracite grey, white, and black. These colors get painted in masses, so they will be the most cost-effective option. There are numerous color and shade options. However, the charges will differ based on the order size. 

With unique color series, you get the perfect finish for every property ranging from contemporary urban residences to traditional cottages. With a dedicated paint line and color-matched accessories means you get to choose matching or contrast handles and hinges.

These bi-fold doors are one of the most popular brands that are currently supplied all across the UK. These doors have been designed with a deep bottom rail, which will look very similar to any traditional timber door. You even get a guarantee with the sliding or bi-fold Visofold doors. You can contact the supplier for more details!