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Crane safety tips

by Danny White


Cranes are one of the essential tools in the construction industry that requires qualified operators. When using the cranes, you may come across many hazards, or unsafe working practices that sometimes may result in injuries, fatalities, and even costly damage to the building and even the materials. It is advisable to focus on safety when operating cranes since they are a vital piece of equipment. If they are used carelessly, they can easily cause serious damages to the products, materials, and even injuries to the operators and people around them. Some of the accidents which occur in the workplace can be easily prevented if everyone is keen on the cranes, he/she is using. We have some of the tips which can help you to avoid accidents in your workstation. 

A qualified operator of the crane is required.

Cranes are known as complex, heavy machines which require special knowledge to operate. In crane rental companies like Van Adrighem crane rental are always have qualified operators fully equipped in all parts. Operators should not only know how to use the crane but also the safety measures. The safety measure should include hand signals which are used in the construction site.

Selecting the right crane for the project.

We have different crane rental chicago il made for different tasks. Cranes are either mobile or fixed. Having the right crane will make your work smooth and easy. It is important to choose the right crane for the job you intending to work.

Crane inspection before you start operating. 

Before you start lifting the materials, make sure you have a close check-up of the cables and booms for any crack or any other sign of getting weary. If there is any sign of either damaged or worn, it should be taken out for service before you start the job. It is also important to check if the load to be lifted is properly secure and make sure it does not exceed the limit. Ensure you inspect your crane every day before you start using it to ensure it is safe to operate.

Ensure you have proper warning signals displayed on-site. 

Make sure that you display hazard signals in all danger zones on-site when needed to warn the employees. You should also make sure that your employees understand every hazard signal. 

Proper communication and use of hand signals.

For a nice operation of the crane, proper communication between the crane operator and the other employees is crucial. Proper hand signal communication will enable the crane operator to know when to swing and lift when to hoist and lower, which direction to follow, and when to stop the crane. You can also make use of radio calls for better communication.

Read operator manuals.

Even the crane operator is qualified, it is important to read the operator manual since cranes from different manufacturers have a unique control. Every crane operator should have a clear understanding of the specific crane been used. Some of the information you expect from the manual includes, load capacity, safety mechanisms, operator control, and stabilizer and counterweight.