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Best Look of The House with the meduse light

by Paul Watson

A pendant meduse light above a dining table is a must! Both must be enhanced to generate a decorative and aesthetic visual. In addition, these led suspensions are equipped with a dimmer in the form of a remote control which allows switching to a soft light at the end of the evening.

Our advices:

  • The suspension must measure at least 1/3 of the length of the table: Avoid placing a very small suspension which will appear lost above a large table.
  • It can descend lower than an entrance or living room suspension, up to approximately 1.60 meters from the ground,
  • Preferably adopt a round pendant light above a round or square dining table,
  • For an oval or rectangular dining table, a rectangular pendant lamp will be more suitable.
  • You can multiply identical suspensions above a dining table
  • You can deport a pendant light from a wall outlet to make it central.

Kitchen pendant light

The suspension of a kitchen must provide sustained lighting, but not too strong either … Decorators recommend metal or glass bell pendant lights because they are resistant and easy to clean.

  • Metal suspensions offer a wide range of styles depending on the finish chosen:
  • matt metal for a country or industrial style,
  • colored or lacquered metal for a designer or bistro style,
  • Glass suspensions provide generous lighting, effective to compensate for the lack of light in a kitchen.
  • Avoid fabric suspensions which are more fragile and difficult to clean.

For a kitchen open to the dining room or the living room, we opt, above the separation / bar, for an alignment of three drop pendant lights in transparent or tinted glass, discreet while emphasizing this demarcation zone.

Suspension for parents and child room

Adopt a soft and subdued lighting diffused by a fabric suspension. Indeed, the lighting of the room must be conducive to relaxation.

Avoid a glass pendant light, too bright

Choose a fabric suspension or all suspensions that hide the bulb, such as drum lampshades with filter in the lower part. Once lying on the bed, you will not have a direct view of an unattractive and dazzling bulb. Meduse offers you these fabric suspensions in 14 colors and different shapes and sizes.

  • Think of the suspensions used as bedside lamps to free up space on the floor

In the child’s room, opt for a colored fabric pendant light or a  children’s pendant light, you can have fun with shapes, such as an airplane, fish, bees dotted with flowers.