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8 Factors to Consider When Looking for Houses for Rent

by Criss Gill

Making the decision to look for houses for rent is never easy. Like any major decisions in life, this needs much thought and careful consideration. There are lots of things that go into it, from setting a budget to getting a renter’s insurance.

Here are several important factors that you need to remember during your search for your next rental home.

1. Research about the Local Community

When looking for a rental home, pick a locality near your workplace or school. It will help reduce your commute time and travel expenses. Aside from proximity, you also need to look for other social infrastructures such as hospitals, markets, banks and more since these are necessary in your daily life. Since you want to ensure your safety and security, make sure you check if there are guards, watchmen and CCTV surveillance systems in the area.

2. Be Familiar with Your Rights

The rent agreement can give you limited rights on the house for rent and being familiar with them can clarify things between you and the landlord. For example, the landlord cannot stop visitors from coming, interfere with your lifestyle and dictate when you should come home. Also, the landlord cannot tell you to leave the property when the agreement is still in full effect.

3. Check the Rent Agreement

Before you finalize the rent agreement, you should carefully read all clauses specifying the period when you can stay as well as the period after which the landlord might implement an increase in rent. If there are some clauses that you don’t agree with, inform your landlord and change it right away.

4. Consider the Overall Rental Cost

The monthly rent you pay is not the only expense you need to consider when looking for a house for rent. There are still other expenses you need to think about such as the broker’s fee, advance rent, security deposit, and others before you make your final move. These costs should be taken into consideration so you can set the budget accordingly.

5. Go for a Clean House

Discuss with the landlord if it is possible to get the house cleaned first before you move there.

6. Ask the Neighbors

The neighbors are sometimes the best people who can give you a good insight not just about the house but also about the landlord and the locality as a whole.

7. Check the Existing Appliances or Furniture

If you will be moving to a fully furnished house for rent, inspect the appliances and furniture that are provided. Make sure that everything is in proper working order and is not damaged or broken.

8. Perform a Basic Check

The last thing you want in your new house is a broken electrical fixture or a clogged toilet. Switch every button and run all taps to know if the lights are all working right and the water flows fine. Check if the house has been freshly painted and with no seepage inside.

Never settle for the first house for rent you see. Consider these factors to make sure that you choose a new home that you will love and be proud of.