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5 ways to make everyday layouts magical with the Platner Chair

by Mary Hahn

The Platner Chair may be a total classic, but that doesn’t mean you cannot create unique and inspiring layouts from it. In fact, this chair is quite helpful in designing some of the most distinguished layouts that you’ll ever see. If you want to know more, then check out the list we’ve compiled for you right below. Let’s take a look:

  1. The crafty living room


Often, we simply design our living rooms with the requisite couch, coffee table, and a simple accent chair. But you can break this monotonous tradition by designing a whole accent sitting space in the living room with the help of several Warren Platner Chairs. If you need some inspiration, then take a look at this image. You’ll love the 3-chair Platner Chair cluster that’s centered around a round coffee table directly adjacent to the couch. It’s a unique and stylish way to make the most of large living room spaces.

  1. A pair by the wall


The ‘wallflower’ layout is the perfect way to feature a pair of Platner Chairs in all their gorgeous glory. The challenge here is to select the perfect finishes and backdrop. In the case of this image, the plain white backdrop makes such an amazing blank canvas – you can literally do anything, select any color, and create every kind of contrast with it. The blue upholstery and silver wire-structure of the Platner Chairs couples well with the black-finished end table in the middle. Overall, it’s the perfect combo of style, aesthetic, and function.

  1. Forward-backward


While the Platner Chairs in this layout have been used as a conventional accent piece, their simple forward-backward positions completely redefine the whole aesthetic. It looks infinitely more stylish, unique, and eye-catching. You can create such a set-up in literally any part of your home if you have enough space!

  1. Merging simple with eclectic


This 6-chair dining room layout may seem pretty conventional on the surface, but it certainly has some intrinsic eclecticness in the mix. The light green upholstery adds instant visual interest to the setting by simply contrasting the oversized Tulip table’s finish, and the colorful artwork in the backdrop emphasizes the symmetry of the space with its clean, funky geometry.

  1. Curved by the nook


If your love for unconventional layouts and eclectic color schemes knows no bounds, then you’ll definitely appreciate the colorful, curvy space that’s featured in this image. The meandering seat design is as campy and fun as they get. The round table with its stylistic base sets the tone for funky. And the yellow-upholstered Platner Armchairs cap off the whole look with utter charisma. It’s definitely something unique that will attract the eye of those who love playing around with their layouts in a unique way.

As you can see, despite its modern origins, the Platner Chair can definitely be featured in many unique layouts. You’ll love how it will enhance and complement simple spaces while grounding the quirky ones as well.