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There Is Need for Home Inspection in Frankfort

by Mary Hahn


For all the hardworking home owners in Frankfort who are concerned about the state of their homes, we hear you. If you are aspiring to own a home but you are not sure how you will ascertain the condition and safety of different elements of the home such as drainage, plumbing, foundation, electrical installations and appliances, we’ve got your back. And it does not stop there. 

If you are planning to get home insurance and would like an objective inspection to certify the true state of the premise you intend to insure, come on in! At Gasaway Inspections Inc., we offer premium services in home inspection all across the state. But here is where it gets magical: we now have resident home inspectors in Frankfort. These are competent professionals who have gained valuable experience after conducting hundreds and in some cases thousands of inspections within and without Frankfort.

One may ask: why Gasaway? To be fair, it is a legitimate question because the market has so many players, each amplifying their strengths. Here are some attributes that we think make us uniquely qualified to serve the needs of homeowners and other stakeholders in Frankfort:

  1. A local office: Gasaway was conceived in Illinois primarily to serve our people. It means we understand the community and the culture. Furthermore, our office here at Frankfort provides a platform for up-close interactions with the locals so we can customize our services to their individual needs.
  2. Exposure: Our experience conducting house inspections in the state spans across at least two decades. This sort of exposure has equipped our inspectors with deep insights in the art.  
  3. Customized services: At Gasaway, we appreciate that tastes and preferences vary from one client to the other. The same variance is reflected in the types of house designs across the township. As such, each engagement is treated uniquely.
  4. Flexible scheduling: Our scheduling provides the client with enough time to review the report and raise any unmet expectations. It also accords the inspectors ample time to perform thorough house inspections covering all aspects of the assignment.

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Perhaps this is the first time you have heard about Gasaway Inspections. Or maybe you have heard about us before but you have not sampled our services yet.  Well, this is the greatest hour to have your home inspected by the best and brightest home inspectors in Frankfort. At Gasaway, every concern is valid.