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Why you should watch TV together as a family

by Criss Gill

Watching TV has a bit of a bad reputation, especially when it comes to children. Some parents see it as wasting time, others think its simply mindless entertainment that children get nothing out of. The thing is that when done right, watching TV can not only be good for your kids but the whole family too – especially when you watch it together as a family.

Here are the main reasons why you should watch TV together as a family:

You have control over the content:

When you watch TV together, you can have control over the content. This means that you can ensure that your children are watching content that is appropriate to them. It also means that you can show them content that is actually good for them – like free kid’s cartoons that are educational and entertaining!

These cartoons will teach your children important life lessons and the good news is that you will probably enjoy them too!

It’s time spent together:

You can’t put a price on time spent together as a family. Whether it’s playing a game, going on a trip, eating together, or watching TV – when you all sit down as a family to enjoy something it brings you all closer together.

Whilst you may start on cartoons while they’re young, you can transition into more mature content as they get older.

You can focus their attention:

When you watch TV with their kids, you can help to keep their focus. For example, if there are certain lessons you want them to learn, you can ensure that they’re paying attention. You can do this by asking important questions as they watch.

It encourages healthy habits:

By watching together, it doesn’t become a simple way to waste time. It becomes a bonding experience, This helps to create a healthy relationship between kids and screens, as they’ll see it as a way to share something with others, rather than being something to do whenever they’re bored.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world of screens, building a healthy relationship between your kids and TV is more important than ever before. This is why you need to be mindful of when and how you watch TV in your home.

Watching TV together will create lasting memories and may even become a great family tradition.