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Why You Need Vinyl Liner Pool Installation

by Criss Gill

Sooner or later, but you will require a vinyl liner pool installation. This liner in your above-ground pool will surely need a change when it is dry rotted, wear and tear, and falls apart above the water level. This gives a solid sign that your pool is in need of a new liner installation.

When your pool starts to leak so badly, and you need to add water on a daily basis, this is also a clear sign that it is liner changing time. Holes in the liner can be patched and closed, but if these holes become countless, then it is impossible to patch them. There you will need to install a new liner.

Vinyl made swimming pool liners are a good option for those homeowners who don’t have enough time to take care of their swimming pool. But further, there are two types of these pool liners, and you will be glad to hear that each type has its different head fixing and top trimming finishing.

Overlap liner:

This type of pool liner is best suitable for semi-above and above-ground pools. In the application of this lining, the top of the liner hangs over the pool lip walls and overlaps them. It is then protected by clips.

The best thing about the overlap liners is that they are very economical and these are used to enhance the look of a cheap and bad looking above-ground swimming pool.

Beaded liner:

It is quite different from the overlap liner. It goes along with a securing mechanism alongside a decorative finishing that gives an attractive look than the overlap liner. It is expensive in both when it is initially purchased and when it comes to its on-site fitting. Despite its high cost, this liner option is considered a higher-end solution.

The vinyl liner has limitless benefits that you can never get with concrete and fibreglass pools. When you don’t have enough time for the maintenance of your pool, and you don’t want to spend extra on the pool, then vinyl is the best option to pick. Let’s discuss some of the great benefits of this liner that why you need to install it:


Normally, installing a pool in your home requires a big investment. Firstly you have to make a big investment while deciding and purchasing a pool, and then its regular maintenance requires the cost to keep the pool fresh and run smoothly.

But you will be astonished to hear that the vinyl liner pools are very budget-friendly as they are traditionally less expensive than other types of liners. Moreover, it requires fewer materials to make the vinyl liner stable.

Less maintenance:

It requires maintenance but not as much as other liners require. There are many companies that provide chemical analysis along with packages. These packages are specially designed in which the opening and closing of the pool are included.

Based on landscaping and the number of trees available in your yard, some of these liners require vacuuming than others. So it is suggested to hire some professional who can do that within your budget.

Less time-consuming repairs:

If your vinyl pool gets any cracks, it can easily be patched, whereas the concrete and fibreglass pools require extremely expensive repair if it gets cracks. Plus, the vinyl pools are able to last between ten to twenty years, so you are fully allowed to enjoy your swimming pool for several decades without the fear of any replacement.

Variety of designs:

The traditional rectangle design pool is outdated as there are a variety of shapes and sizes of vinyl pools are available. You can also get a customized design pool that can fit your needs and wants. Also, you get a lot of colour, pattern, and thickness choices.

There is no other type of pool liner that is better than vinyl liners. Vinyl liner pool installation is durable, budget-friendly, customizable, and requires less maintenance.