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Why Pole Barn Homes Are Trending

by Criss Gill

Pole barn building, also known as post-frame construction, has been popular since the 1930s. As the name implies, the building style was first used by farmers who needed to construct sturdy barns very quickly. Post-frame construction is faster than traditional building methods and uses posts or poles as support, which makes buildings exceptionally strong and gives interiors lots of space. With these benefits in mind, many house hunters now hire Pole Barn Contractors to construct custom homes. Houses are unique, easily customizable, affordable, and versatile.

Homeowners Save Money

House hunters who want unique, affordable homes often hire contractors to build custom pole barn houses. The essential design and construction method is simple compared to traditional methods and requires fewer materials. That means owners save on material costs.

Because posts that support houses are placed directly into the ground, owners have few, if any, foundation costs. Customers also save on the labour costs involved in laying a standard foundation.

Buildings Are Sturdy

Despite their basic design, pole barn homes are very sturdy and can easily last for many decades. They stand up to heavy winds, rain, and extreme weather in general. Contractors factor in snow loads when they are building homes to ensure roofs can handle the heaviest snow accumulations

It is easy to Customize Homes.

The interiors of post-frame construction homes include a series of beams or posts that support the roof, and there is no need for interior walls. A basic home interior is simply a large open space with strategically placed beams. That means owners are free to leave spaces open or add walls to divide areas.

The unique style makes it very easy to customize homes, and contractors can add any style of windows, doors, roofs, and porches that clients request. Clients often want their homes’ exteriors to have a rustic look, and some even mimic actual barns. However, many pole barn houses look very much like traditional homes. Owners can choose from a huge range of exterior colours and materials.

Construction Is Often Very Quick

One of the most appealing features of pole-barn homes is the short construction time. Although the actual building timeframe depends on the size and complexity of the project, contractors can often build basic homes in as little as three weeks. A great benefit of post-frame construction is that homes can be built on all sorts of terrains because they do not have foundations.

The total planning and building process is also simple compared to constructing a traditional home. Customers consult with contractors and choose a design, and then they decide on specifics, such as custom features. Clients typically put down a deposit, and contractors draw up plans and get permits. Workers then prepare the home site and the contractor has materials delivered. The final phase is building the home, which is usually pretty quick.

Homeowners can opt to move into a home that has just the basic amenities and then customize it as time goes on or have contractors add extra features, which increases the build time.

Many homeowners who want affordable, interesting new homes hire contractors to construct pole barn houses. Contractors can build houses on various terrains, and construction is typically fast compared to traditional building styles. Houses are sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to customize.