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Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

by Criss Gill

When you have some issues with plumbing at home and it can no longer be fixed by plunging, you need to figure out why your toilet tends to obstruct the root cause of the problem. For any plumbing problems or other emergency services, please contact Mr. Rooter, though.

You can always find a solution to repair your clogged toilet, but if it manages to clog and go on many occasions, it is best to investigate the possible causes behind it. Here are some of the common reasons why you tend to clog your toilet:

First Is an old wash-house. If your toilet has been with you for ages it may not be able to withstand many flushes any more. Make sure your toilet is a new one to be able to work properly and align it to current standards. Besides that, newer toilets also help to reduce water use.

Another root cause of clogging is a sewer line problem inside your neighbourhood. The main causes are broken pipes, tree roots or corroded metal pipes. You’ll need an expert to repair all of those. To solve this issue, schedule trenchless sewer line repair, installation, inspection, and maintenance. So if you ever find a problem with plumbing, do something as soon as possible to avoid having much bigger problems.

Check this infographic to learn more about why your toilet keeps clogging.