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What to Look for in a Lift Maintenance Company

by Mary Hahn


Property owners in Singapore are required to have their lifts maintained once a month. This BCA regulation is designed to ensure that commercial and residential lifts are operating safely and efficiently. Those who are new to lift ownership can read on to find out what to look for in affordable lift maintenance services in Singapore before signing up for a service contract.

Relevant Experience

There are many different types of elevators. Some have gears, while others are gearless. Some use hydraulic systems. Some combine hydraulic components with traditional traction lifts. It’s important to find a maintenance company that has experience not just with lifts, in general, but with the specific type installed in the building since each of them requires different forms of maintenance.

It’s also important to work with contractors who are used to performing maintenance in similar environments. Commercial building owners should find a company that has experience working quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime. Residential property owners may have different concerns.

The Right Tools

Maintaining elevators with intricate designs often requires specific diagnostic tools and specialty equipment. The lift company hired to provide ongoing services should have access to all the mechanical and electrical tools, devices, and software they need to check every component, perform basic maintenance, and provide repairs as needed. If the company specializes in servicing just one kind of lift, its contractors may not have the equipment required to maintain other models even if they have the experience.

Strong Reporting Capabilities

Don’t underestimate the importance of strong reporting and documenting capabilities. The lift maintenance technicians should be documenting everything they find during routine visits and repairs and providing property owners with detailed reports. The information offered by lift maintenance techs can help property owners develop strategies for modernization and upgrades, provide documentation to settle litigation issues, perform safety audits, and project energy usage and repair expenses.

Mechanic Availability

Most property owners schedule routine monthly maintenance visits as part of ongoing service plans so they don’t have to worry about whether the company’s technicians will be able to fit them in. However, it’s still important to ensure that the company has sufficient staff to send out mechanics as needed when things go wrong.

Working with a company that doesn’t have sufficient staff to cover its service area can leave property owners waiting for days on necessary repairs or wondering if they’re really getting the best service. When in doubt, ask what type of buildings the mechanics service on their regular routes and how many elevators they repair or maintain each day.

Repair Capabilities

Providing lifts with regular service can reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns, but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. It’s important to work with a lift service company that can handle both major repairs and lift replacements. Most companies keep separate teams of mechanics to handle things like cable or machine replacements. Make sure they’ll be available should anything go wrong.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a lift maintenance service can be tough. Property owners need to perform their due diligence, which means going beyond checking basics like licensing and insurance. Spend some time talking to a company representative, follow up on references, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.