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What Should You Do When Your Kitchen Gets Flooded

by Mary Hahn


The biggest challenge you will face when your kitchen gets flooded is controlling your nerves. As with any other emergencies, you need to keep yourself calm so you will know what to do. There are several steps to take before calling a water restoration company AZ. Safety should be the first thing on your mind.

Turn off the power and water supply

If you find your kitchen flooded one morning, do not step into the water. You can get electrocuted, especially if you are dealing with a massive flood problem. Turn off your water supply and your electric supply before doing anything else. If you need lighting in the area, use a flashlight.

Remove furniture

Furniture that has been left sitting in a flooded area for too long will breed bacteria and mold. As soon as it is safe to step into the flooded area, attempt to relocate your furniture to higher, dry parts of your home.

Open cabinets and drawers

Even if the flooding appears to be isolated and directly affecting only the floor, you need to check cabinets and drawers, especially if they are attached to the wall. They could be harboring moisture that you cannot see. If this is the case, they can also breed mold and bacteria which could cause more serious problems later on. Air dry them for at least two hours.

Assess the cleaning project

How serious is the cleaning project you are facing? Is there a lot of excess water to clean or were you able to get to your flooded kitchen when the flood was a mere puddle? Puddle formations could be safe to clean up on your own but if you are looking at a very flooded kitchen, then it is time to call a professional water restoration company AZ.

Find out the root

Floods in the kitchen can happen for multiple reasons. It could be because of a broken water supply line. Your refrigerator’s ice maker can also be faulty. Sometimes, it’s because someone left the faucet open. Clogged drains and faucets which were left open can also cause an overflow. If the flooding is small enough and it is safe to conduct investigations on your own, you can do so. This will help your chosen water restoration company AZ to determine the next steps. If the flooding damage was big, though, you can wait for the water restoration company AZ to arrive. The best of them are available for emergency repair calls.

Restore damaged furniture

While people generally like to do things on their own, sometimes it pays to hire professionals especially for water damage restoration. They can help you assess the repairability of your damaged furniture. You’ll be surprised at how many can still be saved. A water restoration company AZ can also make sure that there are no molds and bacteria growth in your home after the flooding incident.

Have walls and floors checked as well

You need to have your walls and floors checked for more moisture damage especially if the flooding happened to be caused by a plumbing problem. The water restoration company AZ can inspect your home to look for inflated walls which could indicate a swollen or even a burst pipe.

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