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What is the Difference Between Decorators and Interior Designers?

by Criss Gill

Are you looking to spruce up your home but don’t know where to start? You may have heard of interior designers and decorators, but what does each one do? In this article, we’ll explore the difference between an interior designer and a decorator, as well as the key roles they play in helping you achieve your vision.

A decorator Essex is someone who helps to make a space look attractive by selecting and arranging furniture, artwork, and other decorative items. Decorators focus on the aesthetic appearance of a room or home. They choose colour palettes, create new arrangements with existing furniture, select artwork and accents that fit your style, hang window treatments, and even provide advice about paint finishes for walls. The goal is to help you achieve an overall effect in a space that works for you and looks beautiful.

Interior designers also work to transform spaces into aesthetically pleasing areas that meet their clients’ needs. They use their skills, knowledge and experience to plan out a space in order to make it as functional and visually pleasing as possible. This includes things like selecting materials, lighting, furniture, accessories and more.

Interior designers may even assign the job of making changes to contractors or architects for implementation. Certified interior designers have had extra training and certification from an accredited board or council that ensures they understand design principles on both a creative and technical level.

Decorators and interior designers are very different roles. Decorating is often seen as more of a hobby while interior design requires certification, research and an expert understanding of how to combine elements to create something new.

Decorators may offer advice on how to best style a room based on the vision you have for it, as well as provide key elements that could bring your project to life. They can help guide your decisions by determining what works within your budget and time frame. Interior designers go a step further, using their professional expertise to create a space that meets the needs of those who will use it.