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What Are the Basic Elements of Landscape Design?

by Criss Gill

A good landscape at your house is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. The outdoor greenery is an essential part of a happy home, and nobody wants a dull backyard without planning, trimmed plants, or a sitting area.

So, landscape design wentzville mo plays an essential role in your backyard, and a few basic elements play a crucial role in designing an aesthetic landscape. Also, the materials you choose for landscaping should be determined by the factors. Likewise, rock in Phoenix, Arizona, is a popular landscaping material

Different Elements of Landscape Design

Line, mass, form, color, and texture are essential elements in a design. So, whether on canvas or in a magazine, these elements are universal for designing, and it is no exception for landscape. Besides, these elements can bring harmony to the landscape.


You can use lines in landscaping to restrict movement along walkways, paths, or flowerbeds. These lines help add space and highlight decorative elements like a pond, pool, or fire pit. Because they might be straight, curved, horizontal, or diagonal, lines add visual appeal. Curved lines function well with an unstructured setting, whereas straight lines tend to create a more formal style. They can be built using vegetation or hardscape components like pavers and natural stone.

The line is taken into account when designing beds and walkways or selecting hardscape components like fences. Also, consider how a curved or straight line could lead the viewer’s attention through the landscape to a focal point.


Mass is the space occupied by the elements, and you should balance the mass of the objects throughout the space. The plants around the landscape, the decorative figurines, and the seating area all have mass.

So, make it a point to keep one focal point in the landscape and design the other elements according to that.


Form refers to the shape of the structure, and the landscape can have different shapes, including circles, squares, irregular shapes, and triangles. These shapes can be found in the objects of the landscape, the driveway, or the house.

You may try to incorporate similar patterns together to create a unique design, and the form of the objects can set the mood of the landscape.


Color is important in landscape design because it captures the eye. As such, while flowers and plants of various colors make an excellent summer garden, you should also include vegetation that will provide colors throughout the year, such as evergreens and conifers. The color of the hardscape is also crucial in the design. So, are you looking for something bold, like a crystal blue pool, or something subtle, like natural stepping stones?


Adding different textures through plants, rocks, pots, and other structures can add layers to your garden. The structure of the leaf, the plant pot, flowers, and the rock bed- all have texture. Meanwhile, if you’re considering to you the rock in Phoenix, Arizona, as a material for landscaping, you have options like pea gravel, flagstone, and lava Rock for adding texture. Also, rocks and pebbles are used in pathways or around planters to add texture.

Too often, many people do not use the space in the garden wisely, as they overlook the elements and mess up the design. So, if you are confused about setting up the landscape, you can take the help of experts. Professionals can utilize the space well and set up an interesting landscape even in a small space.