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The Full Rundown on Cleaning Your Pool Filter Cartridge

by Mary Hahn

Do you believe that your filter isn’t cleaning well thanks to being clogged up? If so then you might need to give your filter cartridge a full clean down so that you can get back to relaxing while the pool filters itself. But to accomplish this you will need the complete rundown on how to properly clean out your filter. This being what tools, chemicals and methods you will use to have the best outcome. There will also be extra tips on when you should replace your filter entirely or if you should consider hiring a professional to handle everything for you.

The Equipment Needed

When it comes to cleaning your pool filter cartridges you can either approach it with a simple clean or a more heavy deeper clean. Choosing the more intense clean will require extra materials.

If your filter only requires a simple clean then most households already have the most important equipment already included, this being a hose with a strong pressure output. If you want to go a bit further than you order nozzles specifically designed to clean cartridge filters. These custom nozzles can often also be found with a custom cleaning solution so if you do plan to order one check the retailer for this product.


For the heavier clean then there is specifically one item you are going to need, filter cleaner or trisodium phosphate alongside the hose.

How To Clean The Pool Filter Right

Cleaning your pool filter isn’t a tough job, as long as you understand what you should do and what equipment to use then there should be no issues. 

If there are signs of misconfiguration and heavy colour changes in the fins of your filter then going for a more intense clean is suggested. Most often when cleaning you only need to do a light wash roughly every two weeks.

Simple Clean:

For a simple clean here’s what you do:

1: Remove the filter cartridge from the container or the pool

2: Equip the specifically designed nose nozzle along with the cleaning solution (if you ordered one)

3: Using the hose, go through every fin of the cartridge until everything white and no residue of debris is left behind

4: Place the filter back in the original location and make sure it is properly secured

Heavy Clean:

1: Remove the filter cartridge and place it into a container as large as it is

2: Combine the filter cleaner or trisodium phosphate with water to create a solution for the filter to sit-in

3: Next day remove the cartridge from the container and clean heavily with a hose between each fin using the simple clean instructions

4: Place the filter back into the original location

When You Should Replace The Cartridge

It is recommended that every 3 months you change your filter cartridge with a fresh one but if you believe it can hold out for longer then here is what you should look for. Signs that you really should consider replacement filter elements is when the material of the fin has become less sturdy and turned into a more mushy substance over time. Alongside this, check for yellow stains that refuse to come off even after deep cleaning as this is another big giveaway for when your cartridge needs replacing. 

Ignoring this can lead to more common clogging and a lack of cleaning occurring on the pool surface.

Is It Easier To Hire A Professional?

Sometimes it’s easier to hire someone who has the tools and the know-how to complete the task for you. Whether you should is based on the amount of time you can spare to focus on ensuring a solid clean or your confidence in dealing with the subject. Maybe you don’t feel confident with picking the correct cleaning solution or don’t remember what the original state of the filter cartridge looked like. If you feel that you can clean the pool filter then absolutely go for it, the more you do it the more confidence and experience you will gain.

If you are unsure in choosing the right cleaning solution, don’t have free time or don’t feel confident in cleaning out the fins of a pool filter cartridge then choose a professional pool cleaner to get your pool back in good condition.

You’re All Set, Time To Clean

Now that you have all the information you need to start cleaning its time to put it to use. First go check on the current condition of your filter cartridge and identify if it needs replacing, a hard clean or maybe just a simple light clean. After that, you can grab your tools and before you know you should have a clean working filter that makes sure your pool contains no debris or bacteria. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your pool back to a crystal clean state today.