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Technology that makes your life easier: washer + dryer is a good option!

by Danny White

Before buying your washing machine, measure your space (width x height x depth) and check if you have enough dimensions to fit. Make sure you have direct electrical current and a water connection near where you plan to install your washing machine. You should know that there are some washing machines that have ecological washing programs that reduce operating times and save energy. These might be a good option. Now, let’s move towards the primary intention of this article: “how to choose the Best washing machine in India“.

Front load or top load?

Both models have advantages that make a difference when washing. In order for you to make your best choice, you should know the following.


  • Some models allow a tumble dryer to be stacked on top to save space.
  • The quality of its spin reduces the drying time of the clothes by extracting moisture.
  • They have anti-vibration technology, which guarantees a silent performance during washing.
  • You will require space in front of the washing machine to be able to open and close the door.
  • If you live in a small apartment, it will not be the best alternative.


  • Its design makes it easy to load and unload clothes.
  • There are top loading models with high efficiency that use directional movements for a deeper cleaning of your clothes, with less water and energy consumption.
  • Most of them have powerful spinning systems that extract more water and reduce drying times.

Washer + dryer: a great solution

They are perfect for small spaces because they unify the washing and drying functions. They will facilitate your household chores and provide you with important advantages such as not having to depend on the weather or sunny days to dry your clothes and how quickly you can wash and dry in the same appliance.

An extra benefit in the wash

When making your decision to Best washing machine, it will be essential that you also consider its Spin Speed ​​and Load Capacity. An important aspect when choosing your ideal washing machine is its spin speed. This is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). And the more rpm it has, the less damp your clothes will be. It will facilitate ironing later. You can also find washing machines with an Air Drying system that reduce moisture residues in clothes, through the spinning of the drum that eliminates the water and circulates the air.

How many kilos of capacity should i buy?

The load capacity represents the number of kilos of clothes that it is capable of washing and in that case it will depend on your family needs at home. Greater load capacity is synonymous to higher price and higher power consumption. So, it is important to analyze your real needs and select a model that also adapts to your washing habits. 3kg / 8.5kg: Ideal if you live alone or as a couple. 9kg / 11kg: For a family of 3 or 4 members. 11kg / 15kg: Perfect for + than 5 people. More than 15kg: For large families or with newborns at home.

Clear these doubts before buying washing machine

More detergent = Cleaner clothes: No. If you use more detergent, the machine needs to consume much power to spin the drum and make it foam free. Use detergent as per the load. Here, machine’s spin speed plays an important role. Use just enough and you will get excellent results. No more or less.

Top loading washers are better than front loading: No, each model has advantages to facilitate washing your clothes. Front loaders allow you to stack a dryer on top to save space. In the case of the top-loading ones, you will not require space in front of the washing machine to be able to open and close its door.

Liquid detergent damages washing machines: False, the liquid detergent like its powder version has been formulated to be washed in machines. Liquid soap is optimal for treating stains before putting clothes in the washing machine and has the advantage of dissolving faster in water. Follow the manual given by the washing machine manufacturer. Usually, you can use both liquid and powder detergent as various models have liquid dispenser pocket.

Tips for saving energy in each wash

Remember that fewer washes per month will guarantee you greater water and energy savings. It is advisable to always carry out full loads of clothes to use the capacity of your washing machine to the maximum. There are models that incorporate Half-Load-Programs. They are perfect for surely reducing electricity and water consumption. Washer + dryer models use the Ecological or Quick Wash programs. They have max efficiency and minimize environmental impact due to their low-consumption feature.

Smart Washing systems will be an ideal option when saving, since they detect the amount of laundry load, and then determine the optimal level of water and the time for washing. Use the exact amount of detergent and fabric softener to avoid extra rinsing of your clothes. Periodically check the cleanliness of the washing machine’s filters for optimal operation. Separate the clothes by colors, fabrics and degree of dirt before starting the washing process, with that you can better organize your loads to save time and electricity. In general, liquid detergents are concentrated. So you use a smaller amount, they make the washing machine work less and the rinsing is done quickly and efficiently.

Conclusion: final touch

In the market there are wide varieties of models, prices and brands, but to know how to choose a washing machine you must take into account some aspects such as the number of programs or the advantages that a top-loading washing machine can offer you, which we have said at the very beginning of this article. If you want to know how to choose a washing machine, the load capacity is an important aspect to take into account. If you buy washing machine online, select the best online store that offers return or exchange policies.