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Soft Washing Or Pressure Washing What Do You Need?

by Danny White

As summer is here, all of us are busy doing the last bit of the spring cleaning and ensure our grills and patios are ready for the summer parties. After a lot of rains and ice storms that tend to create havoc on the exterior of the homes as one must be looking forward to spruce their house with some power wash from an exterior cleaning company. One of the fastest ways to wash away the grime that tend to pressure wash.

The Difference Between Soft Washing V/S Pressure Washing

One of the major differentiating factors of pressure and soft wash is that one method uses high pressure while the other uses low pressure. The power or pressure washing tends to use high-pressure water that mainly runs at a great PSI. based on the strength and type of the pressure washer; the PSI tends to vary from  1300 to 3100 PSI. Besides that soft washing technique mainly uses minimum power as compared to a solid powered horse. Additionally, what comes out of the hose, also tends to differentiate between soft washing and pressure washing. 

How Do You Decide Which Service You Need?

You should take a walk around your space if you don’t know which powerhouse service is required for your house. It can be definite which assistance you would need. The exterior surfaces tend to be cleaned with both soft and pressure washing methods.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pressure Washing

Ideally, pressure washing is quite prominent for washing the home’s exterior as compared to soft washing. It indeed has some perks like easy to purchase or rent the system from an exterior cleaning company.  Ideally, make cleaning the driveway relatively easy. On the flip side, there are some harmful elements too, like high PSI can be challenging to manage, especially for the people who aren’t well–Equipped As They Have A Higher Chance Of Being Hurt.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Soft Washing

If you wish to wash the siding, roof, or deck, then soft washing is undoubtedly your best bet as it doesn’t does damage anything as such. All thanks to the added anti-bacterial elements, people can surely get some long-lasting results. But the only issue here is that due to lower pressure, the system so you need to hire professionals to help you with the same as you aren’t likely to be experienced.


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