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Probable Reasons for Strange Noises Coming from Your AC

by Danny White

Can you hear some strange noises coming from your air conditioning unit? If so, you might be facing the most common problems that exist in an HVAC system.

Not all strange sounds indicate a problem, but some do, and if it’s happening frequently enough to become more than just an occasional issue, then it’s time to get on the phone with your local company for 24 hour AC repair Houston.

The following are some of the most common sources of strange noises in an AC system.


According to reports, June through August in Houston is very hot and humid, often with scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Hence, most homes need ACs during this weather.

When an AC unit starts to get older, it gets louder. The first thing that can cause a change in noise is a problem with the fan blades.

A bent blade, for instance, will rub against the housing of the central unit and create a high-pitched sound. It happens if an animal decides to make your AC its home—the protective covering on the outside of the vents is very appealing to critters, and if they’re able to get inside, the first place they like to go is the fan blades.


If you hear a low-pitched noise, there’s likely an issue with the machinery inside of your central unit—something might be rubbing together or hitting against something else.

Mechanical noises are caused by parts of the unit coming loose and hitting each other, which can cause serious problems. For instance, it could be a belt that may have come off its pulleys.

If this happens while the system is running, then there’s a strong likelihood that you’re looking at an expensive fix, maybe even a complete replacement of most or all of the equipment.


According to reports, July is the city’s sunniest month, with an average of 294 hours of daylight spread throughout the month in Houston.

Do you hear grinding noise when your AC turns on? The sound comes from the fan bearings wearing down, which often happens because of lack of proper lubrication.

It is another result of critters getting into the unit and chewing on things, but it can also happen because the system was not adequately maintained. In such a case, it is best to have your air conditioner looked at by a professional company that offers 24 hour AC repair in Houston for routine maintenance at least once per year—more often if you’re in a particularly humid area.


If you hear what sounds like booming sound coming from your AC when it turns on, that’s usually caused by the accumulated dirt in the condenser coils vibrating with the fan running.

When the coils are clean, this doesn’t happen—but you’ll undoubtedly start hearing it if it happens to be full of debris.


Do you hear a loud rattling noise when your AC runs? If so, there could be an issue with the compressor. It may have come loose from its housing—it needs to be securely attached so that it doesn’t fly off while the fan is running.

The noise might also indicate a severe problem as the compressor has failed. You must contact a local company that offers quality AC repair in Houston as soon as you can to ensure the problem doesn’t aggravate.