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Modern Aesthetic Wallpapers in Singapore: The Comeback of Custom Mural Designs

by Danny White

In recent years, the home decor scene in Singapore has witnessed a resurgence of a classic trend – custom mural designs. But this time, they’re returning with a modern aesthetic twist, blending traditional artistry with contemporary style.

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The Appeal of Modern Aesthetic Wallpapers

Modern aesthetic wallpapers are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for homeowners in Singapore. With their unique, eye-catching designs and high-quality prints, these wallpapers offer a fresh and stylish way to decorate interior spaces. Companies like Hello Circus provide a vast range of wallpaper designs that cater to this modern aesthetic trend.

Whether it’s the Stunning Modern Aesthetic Wallpaper featuring Doves and Swans from Etsy, or the Neutral Nautical design with a sea shell theme, there’s a design to match every mood and preference. The variety of removable peel + stick and traditional options also add to the appeal, offering flexibility to homeowners.

The Rise of Digital Art in Wallpaper Design

Incorporating digital art into wallpaper design is another trend that’s contributing to the comeback of custom mural designs. Hovia’s Punk wallpaper, for instance, combines a mesmerizing checkered pattern with a modern purple tone. Similarly, their Ollie wallpaper mural features a playful checkerboard design inspired by retro skater aesthetics.

These designs represent a blend of nostalgic aesthetics with modern digital design, creating a unique visual experience that’s both captivating and trendy.

The Resurgence of Custom Mural Designs

Custom mural designs have made a significant comeback in Singapore’s wallpaper scene. Companies like Feathr offer designer wallpaper for walls and modern luxury wall murals, all created by artists. Forest Homes Store provides a wide range of fine illustrations of tropical scenes, jungle designs, animals, leaves, flowers, trees, stones, textures, and abstract designs.

Furthermore, Wall & Deco offers the ability to order custom wallpaper online, and Glamora provides bespoke wallpapers, printed on non-woven papers with waterproof, vinyl and organic options. These services allow homeowners to create custom wall murals that perfectly fit their space and personal style.

In Conclusion

The comeback of custom mural designs in the form of modern aesthetic wallpapers is revolutionising the home decor scene in Singapore. As this trend continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative and personalised designs that elevate the aesthetic appeal of Singaporean homes.