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How to Save Money on buying a Condo in a New Building?

by Paul Watson

When choosing housing in the primary market, especially if the budget is modest, the question arises: how to buy a new building cheaper? You can save on the purchase of primary products in different ways. The easiest one is to buy an apartment on the outskirts or even in the provinces, if there is not enough money for living space closer to the centre. But you need to be guided not only by this article of economy. What can you save on?

  1. Footage

Firstly, you can save a tangible amount of money and become the owner of the desired squares by footage. A studio apartment or a small one-room apartment will cost an order of magnitude cheaper. If the family has no children, or a lonely person needs an apartment, then why not buy a fashionable and comfortable studio? Considering that the area of ​​such an apartment is about 20-25 meters, you can buy it quite cheaply.

  1. Construction stage

Secondly, you can wait for your condo for a couple of years by buying a new residential complex on the foundation pit. But this has not only advantages, but also disadvantages – no one will give guarantees that the house will be handed over on time or that the developer will not turn out to be bankrupt and will not freeze construction. High risks are a huge disadvantage of concluding a contract with a construction company at the start of sales.

  1. Purchase directly from the developer

Thirdly, you can buy a new building directly from the developer, bypassing intermediaries. There is no need to go to the servants of real estate agencies and pay them a commission when you can come to the sales department and buy an apartment directly. Although the savings are small, they are quite tangible.

  1. First stage house

Fourthly, you can buy a cheap condominium in the first phase of the building. Usually, in large housing projects, developers try to populate the very first buildings faster, and sell apartments in them at a significant discount. Although you will have to live in an open field, the savings are worth it.

  1. Illiquid

In many new buildings there are apartments that are classified as illiquid. The apartment may not have a balcony, or it may be located next to an elevator. Also, usually corner apartments on the ground floors with poor planning are sold cheaper. This can save you a decent amount of money.

It is possible and necessary to save money on buying an apartment from a developer. Today it is quite possible to buy an apartment cheaper. But in everything you need to know when to stop so as not to end up in a tiny apartment with the whole family in a vacant lot and at the same time wait for it for another couple of years.

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