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How to Increase the Visual Appeal of Your Garden

by Danny White

Are you planning on selling your house? Or, perhaps you want to renovate it and create a fresh, more trendy concept? Either way, you’ve got a lot of work on your hands. And where is the best part to begin with if not the garden? Especially now, while the summer is at its highest peak and we are advised to be social distancing due to the for-now invincible invisible enemy –Covid-19?

Yes, start with the garden – the result will bring you happiness, content, and a place where you can hang with your closest family and friends and still follow the doctors’ recommendations as the sky and stars will be your roof.

Where to Start?

Renovating the garden can be divided into two parts: work that you can do yourself, and work that you need a professional for. Let’s start from the beginning. First, call a professional to take care of the “big” work, and once they are finished, continue developing your imagination and act on it.

The “Big” Work

Take Care of Dying Trees

If you have old, dying trees, call a tree company immediately and have them take care of the trees. Have them removed from your garden without hesitation since a dying tree might cause much more harm than good. For example, when it is dying, it will attract pests like termites, carpenter ants, and other creepy crawlers that will make a nest in it. They will eventually seek food and shelter in another place (like your house!)

Also, the dying tree might break and fall, causing damage underneath it or topple over someone or something like your neighbor’s house or fence. Another reason is of aesthetic nature; simply put; dying trees are not a pretty sight.

Hire a Landscaper

Sure, you might think you can take care of the look of your greenery in the garden, and if you have a green thumb, you probably can, too. However, it is always a good idea to have a landscaper do the job first and then you can continue according to their instructions.

Landscapers plant flowers, mow the lawn, pull weeds and shrubs, repair structures, and maintain the whole outside look. They will professionally trim and edge the flower beds and do fantastic job landscaping grass, shrubs, and bushes.

Install an In-ground Water Line

Installing an in-ground waterline will help you automate the process of garden watering. You won’t need to waste time to tend to every part of the garden differently by hand. Instead, the system will take care of it. Plus, if you are traveling and spend time away from home, you can rest assured that your garden will still be in great condition when you come back.

HVAC Technical Check

Finally, consult an HVAC technician to check that everything is working properly in your garden. They can identify and take care of ventilation systems and equipment, diagnose electrical and mechanical faults for HVAC systems, clean and adjust the systems, and perform warranty services.

Then, It’s Your Turn

After everything from the above-mentioned items is finished, it is your turn to make your garden the heavenly place you always wanted it to be. Start by choosing the garden furniture and the decorative elements that will complete the look.

Garden Furniture

There are several types of garden furniture that will stand the test of time and still look beautiful after many years. Wrought Iron furniture is the classical, top-picked choice as it is sturdy and timeless. You can find this type in all styles and designs, so it won’t be a problem to choose the most suitable one. However, take into consideration that the elements are heavy and aren’t suitable for often moving the pieces.

There is also the aluminum furniture whose best feature is that it won’t rust and is super lightweight, The cushioning can be changed easily, and you can wash and dry them off before putting them before the next season.

The riskiest option, yet the most luxurious and homey-feeling type of furniture, is the real wood furniture. If you want it to last long and avoid splitting, rotting, and bugs, you should choose a dense wood type as the eucalyptus or teak or perhaps the cedar.

Suppose you are unsure how the selected type of furniture will look like in your garden. In that case, you can consult a virtual stager who will perform virtual home staging and create a digital photo of your garden with all elements in it to visualize the outcome.

Decorative Elements

Finally, think big, think creative! The sky’s the limit when the final, decorative touches need to be finished. You have at your disposal different types of lighting solutions, large plant pots, fences, fountains, benches, hammocks, and many other elements that will complement the whole look of the garden.