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How To Clean The Air Conditioner?

by Criss Gill

As the air conditioner runs at high voltage and current. There are two air filters and a bacteria filter. After removing these filters then you can observe that AC fins are blocked with an amount of dust. To prevent this you’ll need air conditioning system repair murrieta ca. This can be done without any technician support by using an air conditioner cleaning bag (ผ้าใบ ล้าง แอร์, which is the term in Thai). There will be moisture inside the AC if you are running the AC for a while. It helps to remove the dust before cleaning the AC.

The cleaning bag is reusable. It can wipe and rinse with water. It is safe, eco-friendly, and effective.  For the frame structure, you can also use a 1\2 inch PVC pipe. Before cleaning you need to check the amount of wind coming from the barrel fan. The temperature should be decreased and the velocity of the air should be increased. The barrel fan and plastic are cleaned. The barrel fan is pinned quickly because spinning takes the hot water.

At the same time, it cleans the back of the chassis. The main advantage of this is, it is time-consuming work. If you had employed an air conditioner technician it would have taken him approximately an hour to achieve whereas for you to complete the process it is taking 60 seconds.

To clean the coil you need to disassemble the AC. Through the coil cleaning bag puts a cleaning agent then the pure water and air mixtures come out from the gun. As the water gun is connected to the basin adapter set.  Through the coil, it can push the water to clean it accurately. The foam cleans and rinses the coil. Muck out of the drain pan is cleaned to avoid leaks.

It cleans a lot of microns, stuff, and dust and brings a brand new air conditioner. The only responsibility of you is to stop the operation of the AC before cleaning. By eliminating the moisture growth of harmful microorganisms is prevented. This process will improve the cooling performance of the AC. An increase in the electricity bill is caused when the air conditioner units are not serviced on time because of dust particles. When you experience poor cooling, ice formation and water leakage from your AC then your AC is ready for the service. There is no problem with getting electric shocks and Damage to AC.