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How Can You Remove Your Bed Bugs?

by Danny White

Bed bugs are the worst pests as they are loving to ruin anyone’s comfort. It’s a common problem for those who are living in rural areas. But that does not mean, Urban areas are free from it. As these can enter your home in any way. Everyone goes by killing these. However, these come in huge numbers and take shelter under beds, sofa, etc. Finding these and executing all of these is quite hard. So, Are you dealing with the same problem? Then don’t worry, BUGCO, the best Pest Control San Antonio Service is there for you.

Here, in this article, you’ll know these bed bugs can be removed by bed bug pest control chicago il. Mainly, there are 3 ways to get rid of them. Those are mentioned and discussed below.

  1. Applying Chemical Nukes

 It’s a preliminary way and can be done by yourself. If you want to deal with it by yourself, you just need to accept the chemical nuke pesticides. Now, spray it where these appear. You’ll see the results within hours. All of the bugs will pop up from the hidden places and will surrender themselves openly.

Now, probably you are thinking, isn’t this process too simple? Yes, indeed. However, it is easy or not, depending on the species of the bugs. Some bugs never get damaged by chemical nukes. That’s why the rest of the 2 methods are there.

  1. Applying Cold and Heat

You have to play with the season here. Applying heat or cold situations can make your problem solve. Let’s know about the cold one first. If you don’t know, some species love to go into hibernation when it is winter. Bed bugs are one of this species. Use a cool pump to inject cold air into the room where they are living, create a box a little warmer and place it in the room. Those bugs will try to get into hibernation in that warm box. When everyone enters, close the box and remove it. This method is best for bugs in cars or small cabins.

Heat technique is very special and you have to call a service center for that. The pest control services have large heaters to deal with the problem. Generally, they increase the temperature up to 120° F. It is enough to kill them all. This technique is best for residential cases.

  1. Attrition

The natural way is the best, healthy but time taking. You can do it by yourself or hire the service. This method is to remove bugs by killing their source of life. Like if you add soap water where they hide, it will kill them. Washing, making everything clean will make their mind change their locations.

Another method is to put some pesticides on plants. These attract bed bugs and kill them by eating. These are some methods, often used to kill bed bugs. Try the points which are possible for you, unless you can call BUGCO. BUGCO will take care of everything.