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Here’s how to clean vinyl siding on your house

by Danny White

If you ever wonder why a power washing solution is vital for your home, you should know you’re not alone! Many homeowners argue that power washing the exterior of your home isn’t too important. But let us say otherwise! We can say from our experience it is highly important to clean your home’s siding regularly. And if you have vinyl siding in your home, you should always perform small maintenance check-ups. So, to get you started in the power washer world, we share below some professional tips. Keep reading to discover how to clean the vinyl siding on your house.

Why do you need to clean your vinyl siding?

Well, there is an apparent answer to this. Cleaning your vinyl siding offers many benefits for your house and for your family. Pollen, dirt, debris, or mold can interfere with the health of your vinyl siding. Besides, if you have a mold build-up, you risk endangering the health of your loved ones. So, it is key to regularly clean your siding to remove pollen, debris, dirt, bird poop, and bug goo. All these can take a toll on your home!

How to clean the vinyl siding on your house?

There are three different approaches when it comes to vinyl siding maintenance and cleaning. You can start a DIY cleaning process with a soft cloth or brush, you can use your garden hose, or you can call up a professional to clean your vinyl siding with a power washer.

A common mistake with homeowners is that they assume this is a straightforward task. Blasting grime and debris from your exterior walls should be easy, just with a hose, right? But… before you jump to this conclusion, you should know that if you don’t have the right equipment and experience, you shouldn’t clean your vinyl siding by yourself.

If you want the best for your home, you should consider a power washing service. A professional can assess your vinyl siding and establish the best cleaning protocol. Also, power washing your vinyl siding will lead to in-depth cleaning, which in turn will reassure you all harmful debris and mold are removed. Keep in mind that a power washer smoothly cleans your exterior walls and boosts the performance of cleaning products designed for vinyl sidings.

The bottom line

This is how to clean your vinyl siding. You can start with DIY maintenance and cleaning approaches. However, if you want to boost the lifespan of your siding and protect your home’s interior from unwanted pests and mold, you should consider a power washer professional. This will offer excellent long-term results for your home.