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Four Reasons You Should Let Pest Control Experts Handle a Pest Issue

by Criss Gill

Household insecticides are a billion-dollar industry. Although these products are convenient to use, they may not offer many benefits. In fact, they can pose health hazards when not used properly. Misuse or overuse of these products is associated with food shortages. Thus, before you invest in DIY pest control products, you should know why it might be a bad idea. Also, you should explore the reasons it’s best to trust a provider like Stride Pest Control when it comes to your home’s pest control needs. 

Resistance to Pesticides is a Possibility

Some pests such as the house fly and German cockroaches develop resistance to pesticides. According to studies, mosquitoes also show pesticide resistance. Unfortunately, these resistant traits are passed down to the offsprings, making pest populations harder to eliminate. Therefore, the use of commercial pesticides may not work anymore. 

Using Insecticides Improperly Can Be Dangerous

Insecticides contain chemicals that can kill insects; however, they can be poisonous to humans. Exposure to such chemicals can result in issues with the eyes, nose, ears, skin, and lungs. In particular, kids are at risk of more serious complications. Such consequences usually happen when insecticides are not used properly. 

Keep in mind that even odorless chemicals can be harmful to your family and pets. So, do not depend only on store-bought insecticides. Rather, hire a pest control company that provides innovative and eco-friendly pest solutions. 

DIY Pest Control Can Be More Expensive 

Initially, DIY pest control is cheap. After all, you only buy insecticides to get rid of those annoying insects. However, these products only handle the insects they are targeted to. For instance, they can effectively eliminate adult bugs, not their eggs. This means that you continue to have a pest issue as those eggs will eventually hatch, mature, and reproduce. Then, you will have to buy more insect sprays again and again. Also, remember that some pests can develop resistance to those chemicals. Overall, you can end up spending more money than when you had a professional handle the infestation from the get-go. 

You Need More than Chemicals to Successfully Control Pest Populations

 Effective pest control is focused on eliminating existing pests and preventing future infestations. But you need to handle the whole pest population in your house to prevent another infestation. Pest control experts do this by cleaning up the pest-infested home first. Then, they use physical control methods that may not involve chemical repellents such as lures, baits, and traps. These experts only use chemicals as the last step.