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Cooktop repair for Induction and Coiled Types: DIY and When Not to

by Clare Louise

We will be dealing with the common troubleshooting and tips with an electric cooktop repair

Many would prefer the electric type cooktop for a lot of benefits. These are accurate temperature control for optimum taste, no burn marks on the pots and pans (for induction cooktop), adventurous children won’t get burn marks from touching the cooktop surface (still for induction types), and easy installation. 

Some models even provide timers for automatic off, a handy feature for the busy housemaker. However, for obvious reasons, they are not great on areas of unstable electrical supply. On the whole, though, electric cooktops are quite easy to use and definitely worth the purchase. We will guide you on whether you can handle the repairs by yourself or call an expert. 

The most common problem is if it doesn’t turn on. The first thing to do is to check if the plug is in the outlet. If it is, yet the appliance still isn’t giving off heat, the outlet may be defective and you may need to call an electrician to come to check and probably repair the outlet. Just to make sure, prepare an altimeter to check if there is a reading from the outlet. Wear a pair of insulated rubber gloves just in case. 

Traditional electric cooktops are made up of coils. If it doesn’t turn on, there only two reasons why, either the coils require deep cleaning or if the internal combustion is damaged. The second needs a certified professional trained for that specific model ideally. If in doubt, you can always prefer to call the appliance store, and they will do the looking of the authorized professional for you. 

You cannot adjust the temperature or if you can adjust the settings but it doesn’t give off the desired temperature. The problem may be related to the infinite switch or the internal ignition. Either way, you may require the services of a professional. 

There are sparks in the cooktop. Electrical outlets do create sparks upon insertion of an appliance yet this should not be the case for your electric cooktop. It means that the heating element is damaged, either brought about by great weight or extreme temperature. It could be due to loose wiring. Both of these issues cannot be DIY-ed. 

Lights of the indicator do not light. These concerns can be resolved from your end. You will need to purchase a control switch or bulbs from the factory or the appliance shop. Either or both of these may be damaged and needs replacement. 

Electric coils that look warped, with boils or cracks. These can also be solved by yourself. Unfortunately, this type of issue needs replacement. You may only need to purchase the appropriate coils from your local distributor. Replace the coils and check to see if the coils work. It should work if that’s the only problem. 

One final tip: like other appliances, electric cooktops also require regular cleaning. Make sure to use a gentle detergent and soft cloth. Clean up every after use, or at least by the end of the day to prevent build-up of grime and grease.