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Basic Features Of Portable Evaporative Coolers

by Criss Gill

Is there a way to get through this summer heat without emptying your pockets on energy bills? Absolutely. A portable evaporative cooler is capable of keeping you cool while saving energy at the same time. It doesn’t use as much energy as a refrigerated cooling system, yet it delivers top-quality cooling power. It is best suited to dry climates because it works best in low humidity. Some features are synonymous with evaporative coolers. You can find these features in all portable evaporative coolers, irrespective of their designs. We’ll be exploring some of them below; let’s take a look.

Cooling Pads

Every portable evaporative cooler comes with a cooling pad, and it determines how efficient the air cooler is. There are cooling pads that are more affordable than others and can be easily replaced when broken. This cooling pad is called an aspen cooling pad; they are biodegradable and very effective in keeping your home cool. The other type is cellulose pads, and they are quite thicker. They do not require steady maintenance, and they tend to last much longer than the aspen pads. Due to this, you can bet they are pricier but offer more efficiency to users.

Water Tank

A water tank is another feature that comes with a portable evaporative cooler. Most evaporative coolers come with a water tank or a hose connector. Luckily, some offer you both options so you can choose the most suitable for you. The hose connector attached to the air cooler allows you to attach a hose from your water tank to the portable evaporative cooler. This way, you have a steady water supply and don’t have to worry about regularly filling up your water tank. The water tank also comes designed with a drain valve that allows you to change the water frequently. When washing the tank, you can drain out the water through the drain valve to avoid mildew or mold.


The airflow of a portable evaporative cooler is measured by the cubic meter. It shows how much air is cycled around every minute. The airflow usually depends on the fan used by your evaporative cooler. Some fans come with varying speed settings; this feature allows you to determine the room temperature. All you have to do with this feature is control the airflow, and you control how cool your home is. It is common for portable evaporative coolers to come with three-speed regulators, and some come with much more.