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A Simple Guide To Help You In The Designing Of Floor Mats For Your Organization

by Paul Petersen


When you are thinking of promotional products to send across a message or advertise your logo in the mind of your potential customers; many products can cross your mind. One of the best ways many companies choose to do the same is by offering free customized gifts like recyclable bags or pens at promotional events.

However, if your business thrives due to a high customer load visiting your organization every day, you need to think out of the box to create a brand image right at the entrance. Customized floor mats with printed logos and promotional messages work best in this case scenario.

To get logo mats designed for the promotion of your brand, you can get in touch with Ultimate Mats. Their company works to provide all sorts of features and customization in their mats right from choosing the color, size, and shape to features like anti-slip and HD printing. Your role is to clearly define your purpose and business objectives and a precisely designed mat will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the United States.

Factors affecting the design of a customized floor mat

  1. Design complexity: 
  • If you require a subtler hand-made look for the mat to showcase your grounded and environmentally friendly values, go for Coir or brush mats.
  • For more luminous colors and designs, a printed mat would do the job well.
  • If you want your mats to stand out, you will need to go for HD printing and other features such as WaterHog impressions. These mats will capture highly complex designs with ease.
  1. Budgetary allowance:
  • Budget is always an important factor affecting the choice of promotional products.
  • The higher the level of complexity, the higher will be the budget.
  • Material of the mat will also make the difference to your allocated budget, a coir mat would be very expensive when compared to a printed rubbed mat.
  1. Placement of the mat:
  • An outdoor mat needs to be subtler and efficient in catching dust and dirt. A coir mat would serve the purpose better here.
  • An indoor mat inside a mall or front desk is not exposed to dust as such and its features should be visually appealing, vibrant, and should have anti-slippage properties.

Apart from these, the mats should be durable and should allow easy cleaning of the floor underneath.

Types of customized mats

  • Printed mats:
  • Printing can be done digitally, with stencil printing, or by HD printers.
  • They serve the purpose of being visually appealing, with vibrant colors and complex designs.
  • The images are long-lasting as they do not wear off with frequent cleaning and work best as heavy-duty entrance mats.
  • They are cost-effective especially when ordered in bulk.
  • Inlaid mats:
  • In these mats, the designs are cut manually from mats of different colors which are then bonded to a rubber backing mat.
  • The color of these dyed polypropylene mats provides it UV stabilization and does not fade even during summers when kept outside.
  • These mats are highly durable, last longer, and are superior in quality. They catch dirt easily and are easy to clean as well.
  • Thus, these mats are used in commercial buildings and outdoor settings.

Sometimes certain organizations need mats that seamlessly blend with their floor designs and thus require customized recessed mats. For a more 3D outlook, you will need to go for flocked mats that are more expensive and have limitations to the number of colors that can be used at one time.