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5 Brilliant Techniques To Keep Rats Away From Your Garden

by Danny White
5 Brilliant Techniques To Keep Rats Away From Your Garden

Rats and rodents are a headache if they start breeding inside your home campus. Not only it becomes difficult to manage their numbers, but they also cause damages to your fruits and vegetables in the garden. They dig burrows in the soil compromising the network and beauty of your garden. But, don’t worry anymore because we have 5 brilliant techniques to keep those rodents away from your garden without using mousetrap or rat poisons.

1. Use peppermint oil

Rats dislike the smell of peppermint oil very much. So, it is an efficient and effective way to make them run away from your garden. You can do it yourself by moistening some cotton in the form of balls into peppermint oil. Once the cotton ball is dripping with oil, place them in various nooks and corners of the garden. Keep the cotton plugs near garage sheds, pipes, and any other entrance you see fit. Keep on reapplying the oil alternate week and within a month you will see the astounding results.

2. Keep food and water resources aside

If your garden doesn’t bear fruits and vegetables and yet you see rats roaming around, you must look out for any bits of food or water present there. Any form of food, even stale food, attract rats. So, if you want to remove the rats, make sure you clean your garden every day and thoroughly after a picnic or barbecue session.

3. Use a barbed net with steel wires

For people wanting to protect their kitchen garden from a rat infestation, a barbed net with steel wires is another great technique. Cover your whole garden with a barbed net on the periphery. The wire mesh must be small to avoid the rats from climbing the barbs.

4. Use Catnip

Use catnip to threaten the rats away. Plant the catnip on several strategic points like nests and pellets. The smell of catnip will threaten the rats of the cats. Soon you will see the movement slowing down.

5. Seal the gaps

At home, try to find out the cracks and gaps from where the rats are moving. Seal the gaps by using appropriate sealing techniques. If you need help, you can also contact professional pest control company help to help you out.