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The interesting facts you shouldn’t miss about the air conditioner

by Criss Gill

To be honest, an air conditioner is a necessity in summer because it keeps us cool. There are some interesting facts that you should know about your air conditioner.

  • Make the movie theatres coolest

The air conditioner technology is very old and movie theatre owners invested in this deal to keep the viewers relieved in summer. Back then, people didn’t have AC at home, thus they run towards theatres.

  • The first model was not designed to give comfort

It was 1902 when Willis Carrier decided to come up with an idea of the factory-scale cooler.

  • Ice was known to be an original air conditioner

Do you know how people keep themselves cool before the introduction of an air conditioner? Well, they like to use big ice blocks. Actually, the rating of the first AC was given depending on how much ice was used to attain the same cooling power.

  • Use lots of energy

It will be interesting to know that the energy used by air conditioners is same consumed by entire Africa for a whole year.

  • Air conditioner plays its part in modern medicine

We all know that the medicines are discovered in laboratories having temperature-sensitive tools. Simply, they need a well-running cooling system to work properly.

  • Big support to schools

Those schools that don’t have air conditioners face difficulty in making the students learn in summer. Fortunately, the kids nowadays can take benefit from air conditioners installed in almost every school.

  • Allergies and air conditioners

It has been reported that air conditioners show a positive effect on patients having asthma. Now, you will ask why. Air conditioners are designed in a way to keep the allergens away and prevent them from coming into your room. Therefore, they are less sneezing.

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