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The Benefits Of Silent Temporary Power

by Clare Louise

There are a few situations where you need to consider the noise that is being made on site, especially when working in construction or engineering. When it comes to supplying power to sites like these, even more so when work is taking place within residential areas, it is vital that you think about noise pollution. One way to ensure that noise is reduced is to consider hiring a solar powered generator to power the site, as these produce no noise and help to significantly reduce noise levels. 

Considerations of working at night on site

Construction sites that are operational at night bring benefits to both the construction crew and the general public. It means that work can continue at a pace that helps the project to be completed on time and doesn’t inconvenience the surrounding areas during the day for as long as it might, including the pressure on traffic. There are a few things to consider though:

Visibility concerns

It is important to focus on visibility during the darker nights, and this could be in the form of bright site lighting that helps to create a safe working environment for all. This needs to be planned to have limited impact on the surrounding areas.

Noise pollution

The same concern for the surrounding areas is linked to noise pollution. Put in place a plan that minimises noise pollution at night, cutting down sound through the use of noise barriers, choosing tasks that are the quietest to be performed at night, and hiring solar powered generators to provide energy, as these are silent and remove the noise pollution experienced when using traditional fossil fuel powered generators.

The benefits of hiring silent temporary power

A solar powered generator is the perfect piece of equipment to provide your site with silent temporary power. There are a few good reasons why you should look to hire a hybrid or solar powered generator.

No noise pollution

For projects where there is a site working throughout the night and where you must look to reduce noise levels, this can make a massive difference to how you operate the project. Traditional generators make a lot of noise, due to the many moving parts within it.

Renewable energy supply

Solar powered generators utilise renewable energy made from the sun, which gives you an unlimited source of energy. This is especially helpful in remote areas and helps to lower your costs too as you are not tied in with the requirement to buy new fuel.

Low costs and no emissions

Sustainable, clean energy is a big plus point alongside the lack of noise when directly compared with a fossil fuel powered generator. This makes solar generator hire a clean, sustainable energy source for your project.

If you are project managing a site with the need to consider the noise levels due to working overnight or being in the middle of a busy residential area, one of the ways in which you can significantly reduce the levels of noise being produced is to go a different way with your energy supply. You can hire solar powered generators to help provide your electricity needs or to act as a back-up energy source, and these generators make no noise, a far cry from the noisy and polluting traditional fuel-powered generators that you would always see on sites.