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Pest Control Tips DuringWinter In The UK

by Danny White

When winter comes, we assume that pests become inactive and that they will only be more active in summer. We later find that it is not so when they invade and cause us unending headaches in winter. Most pests are able to survive the cold weather by burrowing in the ground, which is warmer. When pests invade your premises it is an uphilltask to permanently eradicate them. If you are living in UK where winter months are a norm there are preventative pest control tips in UK which can help you to control pests.

Always cover your trash bin

Keeping your trash bin open will attract pests because it is their food source. It is warmer there too and they are likely to look for a home in there. Trash bins are a safe haven for breeding and before you realize it, they will have established a colony which is difficult to conquer. Your premises will be safe from pests if you keep the bins clean and covered. Ensure that there is no scattered food craps around the trash bin.


Observe general hygiene to keep pests away. Moist kitchen and bathroom floors can attract pests. Keep kitchen counter tops, cookers, ovens, and refrigerators clean. Dirty and untidy gardens are likely to harbor rodents and other pests. If you properly manicure your gardens, pests will not have any place to weave nests and breed. Any holesnoticed should be blocked and nests destroy to scare rodents and snakes away.

Food storage

Storage of dry food such as grains should be done in air-tight containers to avoid weevil infestations. Store the containers on shelves raised from the ground. Collect any grains which spill on the ground to avoid pests from getting attracted.

Cover chimneys with a cap and repair wall cracks

Pests such as squirrels find chimneys a beautiful and warm place to live. Any tiny crack on you wall will be a highway for creepers to get into your house. They will end up into the attic and loft and breed there. It is difficult to remove these annoying creatures once they invade your space.

Keep doors closed

Keep main entrance doors closed to prevent rodents and other pests away. When pests get access to your house they hide in places where you cannot trace them. Make it a habit to close kitchen cabinets and closet doors when not in use. If these nasty creatures find way to your closet, they will destroy your best outfit and live there without your knowledge.

Inspection of car garage, and basements

Your car garage and other dark areas like basements are likely to harbor pests. Inspect these randomly to check out for chewed wires, smells, and droppings. Perform general cleaning regularly to keep the place clean.

Engaging pest control experts

Consider engaging the services of a professional pest control expert to spray your premises regularly. This is a safeguard against pest infestation or eradicating any pests which may have found a home in your premises. It may not be a prudent idea to do it yourself especially with the damp winter weather.

There are varied pest control measures that you can undertake during winter. When the weather is dump eradicating pests will not be an easy activity for you to undertake. It is better to prevent entry of these destructive creatures than to remove their colonies. These simple tips will help you to maintain your sanity and live peacefully as you anxiously wait for summer months to enjoy.