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Maintaining Your Aircon System For The Optimal Period

by Mary Hahn

The air-conditioning system in vehicles is one of those components that many drivers do not pay special attention to until it stops working properly in the middle of summer. So the aircon system becomes a priority.

Not surprisingly, the interior of a car parked in the sun, stopped and without the air conditioning in operation can be dangerous, since it can reach 55ºC if it is in direct sunlight and the outside temperature is 35ºC.

Preventive maintenance avoids problems
Do your shop customers know that routine maintenance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system can prevent many air conditioning problems? In this sense, the workshop professional must make their clients aware of the importance of preventive maintenance of the system. Visit https://lkbrothersaircon.com/ for understanding the kind of the aircon services that you can get to make sure your air-conditioning system is well-maintained and serviced.

A maintenance for which it is never late, because although it is advisable to carry out a check prior to the hottest months , in the middle of summer this revision can also be recommended if it has not been carried out before because it is when a failure or breakdown of the system is even more troublesome.

And how can the driver identify faults in the system?
There are two big warning signs of an aircon system that needs maintenance: odors and noise.

If when you turn on the air conditioner, you smell a strong musty smell, it may mean that bacteria have started to appear in the system. Bacteria can cause mold, mildew, and other unwanted ‘hosts’ that could damage components or cause them to perform less efficiently.

On the other hand, if the system emits abnormal noises, they are also indicative that some component is not working as it should. The main source of noise in the system is usually from the compressor. Thus, a hum is usually the result of too much refrigerant entering the compressor, which could be leaking or damaged.

Meanwhile, knocking when the air conditioner is on is generally less severe (a loose bolt for example), but that doesn’t mean it can’t lead to more significant problems.

Antibacterial and anti-mold foam
In this way, the benefits of regular maintenance are many: the air conditioning will be quieter , the compressor will last longer, and the air quality inside the car will be cleaner.

And how often should the air conditioning system of your client’s car be checked? The ideal is to carry out a revision a year and, as we said, one or two months before the beginning of the summer when there is a more continuous use of the system.

In addition to raising awareness of the importance of the system overhaul, the workshop professional should not forget to recommend to their clients to start the system during the rest of the year , even in winter (ideally, once a week for a few minutes). This will ensure that the hoses and valves stay well lubricated.