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Here’s Why Welding Is Also an Art

by Mary Hahn

When one thinks of welding, industrial processes usually first come to mind. It’s always automatically related to steel fabricator jobs connected to the manufacturing of appliances or home furniture, but very few realize that welding is actually an elevated art form.

It takes technique

One weld is not identical to another. The best welding and steel fabricator jobs look like they have formed two pieces of metal to perfectly melt into each other. The seamlessness of the weld takes great technique: the right amount of pressure applied at the right time, the right kinds of metals molten together and the right type of filler metal. This fusion will probably be borne from great scientific techniques as well, but most art is science anyway. Vision must also be paired with execution.

It takes precision

Back in the Victorian era, swordsmiths were artisans. There was not much difference between the strong hand that melted iron and other metals and the fragile artist who could paint. Both required skill, and most swords have so much artistic detail on them, it’s impossible not to consider them an art form. In the same manner, once you see a welded work with such artful detail and seamlessness, it’s hard not to think of welding as an art. Perhaps the only question, really, is if it’s good art or bad art.

It takes years of practice

To produce the best steel fabrication works, you need years of research, training, and practice. Not everyone could pull it off consistently during the first try. As in other art works, welding also has scraps wherein the fusion does not happen and the welding attempt fails. So the times when a welding work is almost perfect should be considered an art form.

It has produced a lot of artworks

Mixed media has brought in a lot of craftsman work into the scene of “elite art”. Plenty of artists now apply welding into their art techniques including David Smith, Vera Mukhina, Julio Gonzales and many more. You can see their sculptures and exhibits at many universities and galleries. You might see these intricate sculptures as just metals that are shaped well but if you were a craftsman yourself, you’ll know these pieces required intricate and precise welding techniques. The vision of their artwork adds vital gravitas to the piece, but to be able to produce these shapes, precise execution of skill had to be made.

It has artisan roots

The history of Europe would have steel fabricators from swordsmiths to those who create thrones and pieces of jewelry. Even armory crafting was considered an art back then. This is why it should not come as a surprise for people that welding is a sort of artform. It has rich roots and even richer innovations. It might be the pragmatic kind of art but it is art nonetheless.

Choosing welded pieces for your home

When choosing welded art pieces for your home or office, consider the craftsmanship as well as the vision or message of the artwork. They are very good investments as there is a market now for these sculptures. They also allow you to customize your home. These pieces are great conversation pieces.

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