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Revealing Little-Known Facts About Orange County Properties

by Criss Gill

Orange County is one of the most iconic counties in California if not the whole country. It has a rich history, ranging from being a former presidential residence to playing host to TV shows such as The OC and a well-known zoo. All these factors make the county’s real estate one of the most popular in the United States! Check out this post to learn about the most interesting facts about Orange County.

1)Orange County was Home to One of the US Famous Presidents

There is just too much history to uncover in Orange County. This historic area in California has been home to some pretty famous personnel, notably the 37th president of the land, Richard Nixon.

The home where Nixon resided is currently referred to as the Western White House and for a reason. It was built to resemble the West Wing’s architectural and interior design. Today, this home is valued at an estimated $20 million.

However, the Western White House is not the only famous house in the area. You will come across other iconic buildings, such as the Better Davis house and “Jaws” house. If you prefer historic houses, talk to Orange County CA real estate agent Ariana Gaffoglio about your potions.

2)It Has a Controversial Tax System

One thing you should understand about Orange County and California as a whole is the use of the Mello-Roos tax. This tax was introduced in California to finance infrastructure works, such as childcare facilities, new schools, police services, local parks, and more. Nonetheless, this tax is quite controversial and not quite popular in a state with some of the globe’s highest taxes.

3)Orange County Has a Significantly Low Crime Rate

California does not have a reputation for low crime rates. Nonetheless, that is not something you should worry about if you invest in homes for sale in Orange County. This area has one of the lowest crime rates not only in the state but also in the country.

If you want a safe community in California, Orange County should be your go-to destination. That is why it is a highly coveted area for families, particularly those with small kids.

4)It is a Popular Spot for Film/TV Production

When people think of movie production, they usually think of Hollywood. However, that is not the only popular region in California for TV shows and movies. Orange County also has its own TV show and movie production area called “The OC,” which has been used to create many TV series and movies.

“The OC” has been the filming location for classic movies like Jerry Maguire, American Sniper, Rain Man, Catch Me If You Can, and many more. As a result, when you walk around the neighborhoods of Orange County, you may come across some legendary movie sites!

5)Orange County Has its Zoo

Orange County is also a great destination for kids. There are many fun things to do, from touring national parks and museums to exploring the local arts and culture scene. If you wish to take your kids for a day out, the Orange Couty Zoo is an excellent spot.

While it might be small compared to other regional zoos, it still has a wide range of animals. Here, you will find mountain lions, bears, bald eagles, and many more animals that your children will love. The zoo also hosts several events and programs for the county’s residents.

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