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Emerging Decking Trends

by Mary Hahn

Composite decking Melbourne has been popular for the past few decades. It has lots of benefits including durability and good looks. Composite decking leaves a good impression and it can help you save money in the long run. However, deck trends continue to change and there is a lot to expect. Some of the most common decking trends include;

  1. Natural Wood

Achieving the look and texture of natural wood is a priority for many homeowners. Natural colours have always been popular but they have attained even more popularity over the past few years.

  1. Cable Railing

If you have a raised decking area, it is necessary to have a protective barrier. While glass balustrades were a popular choice in the recent past, they have now been replaced with cable railing. It is stylish and doesn’t take a lot of effort in maintenance. It promotes visibility and improves the appearance of your deck.

  1. Creative Lighting

Decking lights have always been popular. However, they have become increasingly trendy over the past few years. With the right lighting, you can make your deck stand out. Decking lights are just as aesthetic as they are creative. They can be used to make your deck appear bigger or tidier.

  1. Zoning

This trend has been around for a few years. As the name suggests, it is about dividing your garden into several zones. You can designate different zones for various purposes. You also get the chance to use multiple materials and designs.

  1. Personal Touch

Like any other parts of your home, decks need a bit of your personal touch. More homeowners are beginning to embrace the need for personalizing their decking space. Some of the most common elements that they use include stone and glass accessories. There are numerous possibilities for adding some personality to your deck.

  1. Dry Zones

Dry zones make it possible to get the most from your outdoor space. Many homeowners are beginning to embrace the use of weatherproofing solutions making it possible to create dry zones under your deck. The space can be great for storage.

  1. Stylistic Intersections

The lines between commercial and residential decking styles are getting blurred. Many homeowners now prefer the sophisticated decking designs that were previously exclusive to commercial spaces. On the other hand, commercial designs are now embracing the warm and personal touch of residential spaces. The shift has diversified the materials used in creating decks.

  1. Furniture Positioning

An emerging trend with decking furniture is to keep it minimal and simple. Be realistic about the furniture and avoid cramming your space.

  1. Water Features

Water features can transform the look and vibe of your space. The sound of water combined with the view of your garden can create an interesting vibe. Water features are calming and unobtrusive. They can complement the colours and style of your decking area. The subtle tones of water feel good in all water conditions.

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