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Advantages Of Using Interior Wood Shutters

by Mary Hahn

Bare windows often feel too plain. Using different window treatments can improve their appearance while providing additional functionalities. Homeowners have a lot of options including curtains, blinds, drapes, sheers, valances, swags, roman shades, and interior wood shutters. The last one is of the hard type and features louvered slats. They have hinges at the sides for easy opening and closing. Although they may be made of plastic, most people still prefer wooden Interior Shutter Installation oklahoma city ok versions. Exterior shutters are installed outside the house while interior shutters are installed on the insides of the structure. They can provide several advantages for occupants of a room including the following:


The aesthetics of a room may be given a great lift with the addition of shutters. The way that sunlight hits the slats varies throughout the day. It will be as if the windows are tastefully designed light sources with changing color temperature from warm light in the morning to daylight at noon to warm light in the afternoon. It can be a nice touch, especially if the interior furnishings are also rich in wood. Everything will look great together with their similarity in materials and colors.


If you have a wide window that opens to a crowded street or a nosy neighbor, then you might want to cover it up with something to keep your room private. This is particularly important when it comes to the bedroom, the home office, and other spaces where you don’t want other people to peak in. Big windows won’t be a problem with shutters. If you do want to open them, it’s easy to open for your convenience.


Wood is a natural insulator. Unlike metal, it will not heat up quickly or rise to a high temperature. If your windows are facing the sun, then use wood shutters to block the heat of the sun in the summer to keep them room cool. It can be equally effective in blocking the cold air from entering the space, so it is truly a useful window accessory. If you are in a place that deals with extreme temperatures with the changing of the seasons, then insulation is an important thing to consider.

Light Control

You need different amounts of light depending on what you are doing. If watching a movie, then you probably want the room to be completely dark so you can focus on the screen. If you are preparing food, then you need to be in a bright room so you can chop without endangering yourself. If you are reading a book in bed, then you need focused light. If you have guests for lunch, then you want to open up all windows to let the light in.

Low Maintenance

Interior wood shutters need less care than curtains that need to be washed every so often. Even blinds will need to be wiped often because of dust build-up. Shutters, on the other hand, will only require light dusting from time to time. It will still look brand new after years of installation.

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