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Welcome to the HA! Kitchen. You will find enough information here to shop, stock, and set up your own homestead kitchen with everything you need to confidently cook from scratch. These are instructions and tips for food preservation techniques, basic vegetable and fruit preparations, shopping, stocking a pantry, buying kitchen equipment and maintaining it. You can learn everything from sharpening knives to seasonal shopping guides.

May the kitchen be the heart of your home!


Freezing Method

Dehydrating Method


Kitchen Tools


1 Year Homestead Food List

Homestead Shopping Tips

More Tips

A-Z Vegetable Guide

Cooking Herbs

Edible Flowers

How to Cook a Pumpkin

How to cook a Spaghetti Squash

Popping Corn

Seasonal Availability of Produce


Squash, Summer Varieties

Squash, Winter Varieties

Tea Blends: Herbal and Caffeinated

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