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Most people are familiar with Old English Furniture Polish and Pledge aerosol spray can. They make your furniture super shiny and leave a nice lemony scent in the air. However, if you search for the ingredient list and the safety warning on products like this you might think twice about buying them again.

The more natural furniture polishes can be pricy and tend to sit around for years in your cabinets because it it hard to use the whole bottle. This homemade recipe from Do It Gorgeously is essentially safe to eat, although that is not advised for obvious reasons. You can make half the amount if you just want to test it out first or if you don’t have that much furniture that requires polishing.
1 cup olive oil (cheap stuff or “pure” olive oil)
¼ cup distilled white vinegar
¼ tsp orange essential oil
¼ tsp lemon essential oil


  1. Whisk all the ingredients to combine
  2. Store in a squeeze bottle or other container
  3. Apply to rag and work into real wood furniture that has already been finished. Do not use on wood floors. Do not apply to unfinished wood furniture.
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