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This month is all about apples!  This time of year, apples are fresh and at their best, and they are amazingly versatile and delicious.  If you chose to accept the challenge, Homestead Anywhere challenges you buy 20-40 pounds of apples and see how many different products you can make from them.  Extra credit if you can get apples from your own trees, a neighbors or a u-pick farm.  Your local farmer’s market or grocer are also great places to get apples, and you may even gets “seconds” for a good price.  If you’ve never purchased this many apples at one time, a good deal is $0.50/lb (we spent between $0.35-$1.99 per pound for an average of $0.50/lb).

If you buy 20 pounds or more of apples and preserve them in any way, you can be entered to win our Norpro Apple Master give-away! The Apple Master will peel, slice, and core an apple in seconds, making it a very handy tool! Just make a comment below about what you did to meet the challenge and email us a picture to Even if you own an Apple Master already, having two is great if you have any helpers with you!

The November Challenge winner will get:

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your apples, but the options are endless.  Be creative, try something new and have fun homesteading by putting up your own apples for the winter!

  • Apples sauce (try plain, or flavored, or pink with pink-fleshed varieties)
  • Apple butter
  • Apple fruit leathers
  • Dried Apple rings
  • Frozen apple pie filling
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Apple juice
  • Apple chutney
  • Apple Pectin
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