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ARIELAriel with homemade bread

I was raised on an organic farm in California. Since then, I have lived in the forest, on a mountain, in the desert, by the ocean, on 4000 acres of wilderness, and in the heart of the city. No matter where I live, I am drawn to homesteading. I simply cannot help myself.

It does not matter if I am there for 3 months or 3 years, vegetables and herbs will be planted. Food will be cooked from scratch. My kitchen will be a crazy experiment zone for all things homemade. And if the place allows, there will be animals involved.

This is modern homesteading to me: Simply, to make and grow whatever you can in your given environment. Sometimes there are city codes restricting you. Sometimes your own time and energy levels restrict you. The journey of homesteading starts with a single loaf of home baked bread or a single prolific tomato plant that forces you to learn how to can. The rest unfolds naturally from the great love and joy of doing a single thing from scratch. It is actually a bit addictive, as you will find out.

I am here to encourage and support you to participate on whatever level of homesteading you find yourself drawn to. Join me on the quest to reconnect with the simple aspects of life and create health and happiness in the process. Involve your friends and family on this journey too. I hope to see you in the garden, in the kitchen, and realizing your homesteading fantasies wherever you live!



Filaree with backyard chickensFILAREE

I grew up eating homemade foods, but it wasn’t until I was an adult with children of my own that I fully appreciated how I was raised, and the longing to make them myself grew stronger.  Living in a city had also left me feeling a little disconnected from my food and my surroundings, and I was getting more and more concerned about both the ingredients and prices of commercial food.   Committing to urban homesteading and making things from scratch instilled a new sense of purpose and joy.  Now there is nothing I don’t enjoying making from scratch!

I love learning long forgotten techniques and teaching others to do the same. Doing it with friends and family makes it even more fun and seem less like work and more like play.  The sense of accomplishment from making your own mayonnaise or yogurt (to name a few) is amazing, and everyone can do it!  The beauty of urban homesteading is it isn’t an all or nothing endeavor.  People can pick and choose what they want to make and preserve and increase their skills little by little.

I have a small garden, raise urban chickens and makes as much as I can from scratch.  I am excited to join Homestead Anywhere and share some of my skills and passions.



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